Essentials for Sun Tanning

Outdoor Tanning Tips

Essentials for Sun TanningSun-tanning is pretty famous in America and European countries and is considered to give sexy and appealing look to individuals. Over the years it has become symbol of wealth and leisure.

These days many of American citizens go especially to exotic warm climate locations such as Bahamas, Hawaii or Mediterranean for holiday and getting a tan. In spite of knowledge of lasting effects of tanning the trend to have tan continues. Various researchers have proven that there is no safe way of tanning and tanning damage cannot be totally undone.

It is critical to understand that acquiring a evenly sun tan is not a easy task as you should be extremely careful that you do not over expose your body.

Followings are few tips for sun tanning:

You need a good exfoliate for your skin to get rid of dead cells. You should be careful while scrubbing, should not hurt the skin. Use gentle and soft strokes through fingers for scrubbing.

Selection of good sun tan lotion is very important. Make sure that your sun tan lotion has moisturizer to soften or hydrate your skin during the process. Spread it well on your entire body, it works by allowing your body to tan slowly hence avoiding sun burn.

Regular exposure is advisable to prevent from white spots / patches of un exposed skin. Sun tanning for more than two hours every day is not recommended.

Entire body should be exposed in sun for evenly exposure to sun tan. Use of a sunhat and sunglasses to protect from the heat are advisable. You should protect your sensitive parts of the body such as eyes from exposure to the sun.

Have a quick shower after the sun tan to get rid of sun tan lotion. Do not shower too much. Use of soap should be avoided.

Use of good moisturizer is recommended after bath and at night to give supple and radiant look to your skin.

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration due to sun exposure.

Do not overexpose yourself to the sun for longer duration.

Be careful and avoid getting a sun burn, as it damages skin cells and looks terrible.

Happy Tanning! But make sure you take necessary safety measures against sunburn and heat.