Establishing Healthy Communication In A Relationship

Establishing Healthy Communication in a Relationship

Establishing Healthy Communication in a Relationship Communication is the backbone of any relationship. Honest and constant communication fosters trust and understanding between two people. Communication makes sharing of thoughts opinions and views possible between people thus bringing them closer to each other. Your best buddies are the ones with whom you can share and communicate a most of your world and life.

We understand that a healthy communication is required for the longevity of any relationship. Hence, let’s have a look at those factors which help us maintain healthy communication in our relationships. One can differentiate the strength and closeness between the two people by their communication patterns-the way they talk to each other, pitch, tine, voice and the physical distance between them.

How To Communicate In A Relationship

Talk and Share

No matter how busy you are, you need to ensure that you make time to talk to each other. There has to be a particular time during the day which is meant for just two of you. It could be a heart to heart chat over coffee or dinner or during walk or at bed time. But both the partners must make it a priority to share their day with the other person and to find out about how the day went for their partner.

Establishing Healthy Communication in a Relationship

Share what is happening in your life, things which are going good or not so good, things people activities which might have touched you. Share any new thought that has crossed you or anything that you are planning to do etc. Share what you like about the other person or what you did not like.

Be honest with each other in sharing your thoughts and feelings. Expand your space by sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner and try to assimilate the other person in your world.

Encourage Each other to Communicate

At times one of the partners or both might have a tendency to keep their feelings to themselves which can create a bottleneck for the relationship. In this situation it is important for one of the partner to take the lead and encourage the other to share his/her feelings. Explain that you will not be able to come close till you guys share everything with each other.

The partners should be comfortable in sharing their positive, negative, wild, insane, noble and intimate thoughts and feelings with each other. You need to start being more communicative to encourage other person to start reciprocating the same.

You can also just go and sit down with the other person and ask probing questions to inculcate a habit of communicating with you. Explain that he/she is important to you and it is crucial for you to know how they are doing.

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Don’t be Judgmental, be Open and Accepting

To encourage your partner to share and communicate their intimate thoughts with you, you must be open to listen to their thoughts and do that without any judgment. If your partner fears that what you would think of them if they share a particular thought or incident with you they will never be able to share their true feelings with you.

Establishing Healthy Communication in a Relationship

Hence try and understand other person’s perspective by putting yourself in their shoes. Establish trust that you still love and accept the other person despite their weaknesses and shortcomings. Communicate that you are always there for him/her.

Listen Actively and Patiently and with Interest

Listening is defined as I understand and can relate to what you experienced or went through. I echo your feelings and I am with you in this situation. At times people practice selective listening: which is listening to only a portion of the conversation which is of their interest and not the entire conversation. People practice hearing which is defined as voices falling on your ear drum and you hardly understand what the essence of the conversation is.

Disruptive Listening:  where you do not let the person to complete his words or sentences. You interrupt or try to fill his /her sentences. All the above practices are very disruptive for a relationship. If the other person gets a feeling that you hardly pay attention to what they share or you forget the moment they share anything they will not be open and comfortable with sharing their world with you. It clearly indicates that you do not value the other person and are at 100 other places even when you are with him/her.

Hence, it is extremely important to be listening actively to your partner with interest to establish healthy communication practice. Your partner will automatically feel encouraged to share anything small or big that happens to them as they know you are interested in their world.

Healthy communication makes or breaks the relationship. It is what brings two people closer and takes them apart. Hence, it is extremely important for all of us to practice active and patient hearing and sharing in our relationships and do it consistently. Continue to love and share