8 Excellent Diet For ADHD Children

8 Excellent Diet For ADHD Children

Nowadays many children are reported to have ADHD disorder and the causes behind this are mixed.One among them is unhealthy foods which would hinder with the brain function.

So it is essential for you to act as a responsible parent and decide what foods you should give your child to prevent the occurrence of this attention disorder.This article would help you to know about the diet for ADHD children that you can follow daily to ensure that your kids stay active and concentration is intact.

Best Diet For ADHD Children

High Protein Diet

Choose a diet which would contain high protein such as beans, cheese, nuts, meat and eggs and incorporate these foods in the snacks and breakfast of your kids to enhance the levels of concentration and also to support the ADHD medication in your kid.

protein diet high

Less Of Simple Carbohydrates

Though the kids and sweets are inseparable you must forbid your child from eating these simple carbohydrates, such as candies, honey, corn syrup, white flour, white rice and peeled potatoes.This will help your child to be more attentive and have lesser chances of ADHD.

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Increase The Intake Of Complex Carbohydrates

Incorporate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet of your kid such as apples, oranges, tangerines, pears and kiwis and carrots, beets, beans and lettuce to your children as they are very helpful as a diet for ADHD children. Try to give these fruits and vegetables at dinner time as it would make your kid to get enough sleep and rest which is an essential cure for ADHD.

fruits and vegitables

Nutrient Rich Foods

For kids, it is essential to have a diet rich in nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Prepare their diet with salmon, tuna and white fish by making their filling of their sandwich or as other dishes which would kindle their interest.

nutrition food

Include olive oil, walnuts,canola oil, Brazil nuts, legumes and flax seeds enhance their response towards the ADHD diet.

Fruit Smoothies

Make your kid’s snack time a fun filled one by blending yogurt with their favorite fruits and blend well to make their favorite smoothies.Kids would love the ice creamy texture of the smoothie and would indulge in it But try to switch fruits every day as it might become a boring affair with a same fruit every day.



Try to load up your fridge with different flavors of yogurt as the probiotics are good for your kid’s ADHD syndrome.This will also make them forget their ice creams and sodas as the flavors of the yogurt would keep them engaged.


Granola Bars

If your kid badly needs a crispy wafer or chips for that crunchy snack,offer your kid a bar of crunchy granola as these bite sized goodies would curb the appetite for snack and along with a glass of milk, it is most filling one.

granola bars

Foods Your Kids Must Stay Away From

However tempting they might look, ice creams and colas are a strict no for your kids with ADHD. Rest following the suit is crisp, fries, chips and fried goodies.

cold drink