Excellent Tips to Lose Weight

Every article gives tips to obese people to lose weight but what about people who are overweight only by some pounds.

The difference between overweight and obese people is that overweight people need to shed only few pounds and do not require intense diet and exercise plan which is prescribes for obese people.

We have enlisted some easy ways to lose that extra fat without altering your diet and exercise regime much. These methods would make you look leaner in few weeks. Read further to explore the excellent ways to reduce weight without considerable effort.

Say Yes to Whipped Cream

Biggest challenge in summer season is to say no to ice cream. Ice creams are full of calories, almost 350 calories per cup and this is the calorie count of simple plain ice cream. We have not even told you the calorie count of ice cream with choco dumplings or nuts. So when everybody is treating themselves to ice cream, you can always relish chilled whipped cream with frozen fresh fruits. This gives you almost 150 calorie per cup giving you a striking reduction of 200 calories per cup straightaway and you don’t have to starve yourself!

Flood It

We are so much in the habit of complementing our food with alcohol or soft drink that we forgot to drink water. You have to change this mindset and drink water whenever you can rather than waiting for the thirst pangs. Eat meals at the prescribed time and in between if you feel hungry, drink 2 glasses of water. Most of the times, this would eliminate your hunger. This habit has positive side-effects also; you would lose weight due to cutting on excess food and would look radiant because your body would get the maximum hydration.

Lean Meat

You don’t have to say good bye to meat if you want to lose weight. You just have to switch to healthier version of meat which is lean meat as it reduces the calories. Also instead of opting for fried meat, go for baked or steam cooked meat. Sea food also gives you less calories and more of proteins which is again good for your body.