Exercise During Pregnancy: A Step Towards Fitness

Exercise During Pregnancy: A Step Towards Fitness

Exercise During Pregnancy: A Step Towards Fitness Pregnancy can undoubtedly make you dull and tired, and you may not want to get out from your bed even. However, exercise during pregnancy helps you to stay active and feel best throughout your pregnancy. Maintaining an exercise routine during pregnancy helps to improve posture, relieve stress and helps to build stamina which will be certainly needed for labor and delivery.

Besides, the above benefits routine exercise helps you to feel better by releasing endorphins also called as happy hormones. Exercise helps to relieve backaches by strengthening and toning the muscles in back, butt and thighs. It also helps to reduce constipation, a common symptom in pregnancy by accelerating the intestine movements.

Routine exercise also helps you to look better by increasing the blood flow and giving a healthy glow on skin. This also helps to lose weight easily after delivery. Some researches have also shown that exercise during pregnancy lower the risks of pregnancy related complications like preeclamsia and gestational diabetes.

Recommended Exercises During Pregnancy

Mainly the recommended exercises during pregnancy are of moderate to lower intensity. However, do talk to your doctor before starting any of the below exercise routine. Also limit your exercise routine if you have any of the following problems:

• Pregnancy induced high blood pressure
• Vaginal Bleeding/spotting
• Premature contractions /Early rupture of the amniotic sac

Choose From any of the Below Exercises to be Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy


Walking is certainly the best exercise that doctors even recommend to every pregnant woman. Just put on your walking shoes and go out for a walk. Start with the slow pace and eventually build up your pace to moderately brisk if you are comfortable.

Exercise During Pregnancy: A Step Towards Fitness

Avoid running although you can do Brisk Walk, be careful while walking during the last trimester as you can easily lose your balance during this phase. Avoid going for walk in hot or humid weather especially during the first trimester as this may lead to overheating which can be danger for your growing baby.


Yoga is a form of exercise that employs holistic approach to strengthen one’s body, spirit and body. The best part of yoga and meditation is that it comprises of variety of asanas which helps to tackle the variety of problems associated with pregnancy. Yoga improves the blood circulation and is effective in preclamsia i.e higher blood pressure during pregnancy.

Also, meditation helps to ease out the stress associated with the mood swings and helps to overcome fatigue thus leaving you rejuvenated with positive thoughts. Regular practice of yoga and meditation train the mind to stay calm with the breathing techniques that helps you to manage pain better during labor and delivery.

Avoid asanas and positions which require you to lie flat on your stomach or require you to stretch your abdominal muscles. Also, since as pregnancy progress the centre of body gravity is affected so avoid doing the asanas which involve the balancing act or some sort of twisting.

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Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobics we all know is the intense cardiovascular workout. However, in pregnancy the aerobics is about choosing the exercises that are low- impact i.e no jumping, hopping, high kicks etc. You can buy a exercise DVDs or consider joining an aerobics class especially for expectant mothers.

Exercise During Pregnancy: A Step Towards Fitness

The low impact aerobics helps to improves the blood circulation with minimizing the stress on the joints due to heavy body weight. Also these types of exercises provide flexibility and strength to the body which is much needed during labor and delivery.

Other Types

Besides the above type of exercises one can also opt for dancing which is also a fun and fantastic exercise during pregnancy. However, keep it of low intensity limiting your positions with feet on the floor. Dancing helps in blood circulation and also helps a great deal in mood swings. Another way to be fit during pregnancy is swimming.

Swimming is consider as a great exercise during pregnancy as it uses both the legs and the arms muscles at the same time. It is a type of low impact cardiovascular workout and increases the body’s ability to use oxygen, increases the muscle tone and build up the endurance which is needed during labor and delivery.