Exercise Plan For Women

The days of being plump and sweet has come to an end. With the onset of the new century, women have devised a new look for themselves. The perfect slim and mesmerizing look is now the die heart fashion. You will not gain anything just by craving for such a figure, working out for it might be the practical approach.

Doing exercises, especially yoga contributes to the healthy coordination among the nerves and gives you splendid reflexes. 35,000 calories equals one pound of fat. It is considered unhealthy to lose more than 2 pounds in 1 week. Aerobics help to lose weight easily and also in a very likable way. One needs to choose high impact activities like skipping ropes, swimming, cycling or running.

These activities can be done alternately and for about 30 minutes each day. One’s current weight, the amount of calories consumed and also the intensity with which the exercises are performed will determine the acceleration of the weight loss. Weights can be used to work off the upper parts of one’s body which includes the shoulders, arms, chest, back and the abdomen. Check out the best exercise plan for women with the use of following exercises:

Different Exercise Plan For women

Airplane Extensions

This exercise needs one to lie down on the floor and extend one’s hands sideways at shoulder height, keeping the elbow little bent. The shoulder blades placed together you need to lift your torso, arms and also legs off the floor.

Airplane Extensions

Keeping this position, the arms are brought in front and hold the position for one count and then return to the normal position. This should be repeated 10-15 times. This exercise targets the core, the lower back and glutes.

Scissor Lunges

With the hands clasped behind the head, you need to position yourself with your feet kept hip-width apart. With the left foot lunge forward till your right knee touches the floor.

Scissor Lunges

Push yourself explosively up and cross your legs like scissor in mid air and land with your right leg forward. This needs to be done 3-4 times and the landing should be done as lightly and quietly as possible. Targeting the lower body, it helps build up one’s legs.

Pike Walk

One need to stand with their feet together and arms at one’s side. Bend in front and place your fingers or hands in front of you on the floor. Hands need to be moved forward in the plank position.

pike walk

Then do1 push up. Move your legs as near your hand as possible. You need to continue moving forward till you have done 6-6 push ups. Your neck should be in line with your spine all the time. This exercise targets the core and upper body.

Squat Thrusts

Stand with feet together and arms kept at your side. Bend the knees and put the palms on the floor in front of your feet. Using your arms for support, jump both feet back and attain plank position.

squat thrust

Return to squat position by jumping both feet forward and returning to standing. This needs to be done 12-15 times. This exercise targets core as well as the legs.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Take your hands below the shoulders; get into the plank position with your feet together. Draw the left knee towards your chest area by bending it and then extend back to start again with the. This should be repeated 20-30 times moving quickly. This exercise targets the core and upper body.