Exercises With Weights For Women

Exercises are very healthy and necessary for an individual. A proper and an edible set of dumbbells should be used so that it does no harm to the women. It is very commonly and normally used for toning up the muscles and the arms. The dumbbells can be used for various exercises and can be comfortably used at home and even at the place of workout.

The dumbbells come in various kilograms like half a kilogram, one kilogram, two kilograms and etc. but a woman should go for maximum two kilograms. They are very handy and extremely portable. The weights helps the body to be strong enough to handle all the load it can and is mainly beneficial for the upper body.

They can be even used for legs but since the lower is strong and needs a better grip. But before using the dumbbells the woman should be trained because if mishandled then can be dangerous. There are various exercises one can adopt with dumbbells and they are:

Best Weight Exercises For Women

The Effect Of Horizontal Curls

The horizontal curls help in toning and managing the front and upper body which is very essential for women. The weights should be held in the arms and should be raised from the sides till the time the elbows and the arms are at a level of the shoulders and the palms should be facing upwards.

horizontal curls

The hands should be kept at ninety degrees and should be horizontal to the shoulders. The arms should be kept straightened from the beginning till the end and should be repeated for a count of fifty.

The Toning Of Triceps

The raising of dumbbells in the form of triceps push ups help in toning and mending the back portion of the body. The posture of the body should be positioned well as the arms should be straight and the knees should be on the floor with the heels on the top.

triceps with dumbbell

Hands should be kept under the shoulders in a closed position an the abs should be stiffened. The hands should be bent and the chest should be brought towards the floor. The elbows should be pointed backwards and not outwards and should be repeated.

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An Extension Of The Prone

To tone the shoulders the woman should lie down and the legs should be straightened with the hands on the sides. For a good support to the head it should be backed up by the cushion or a folded towel and when the arms are lifted it should be kept straight. The hands should be held in the air for sometime and the shoulders’ back should be wrenched and the arms should be brought back to the floor.

An Effect Of Plank Walk

The woman should get into a position of the plank and the arms should be in a horizontal position like it is in the pushups. Only the toes should be towards the floor and the abs should be tightened.

plank walk

The hands should be kept under the shoulders and the feet should be placed a width apart and the hands should be lifted at the same level from the floor. The hands should be apart and should be repeated.