Exfoliating : The Do’s and The Dont’s

Exfoliation is important to have a healthy skin. Exfoliation is a process of removing the dead skin cells from the skin’s outer layer. Our skin has many layers and the outer one is called the epidermis and the inner one is called as dermis.

New skin cells are constantly formed at the dermis level and they move to the outer layer where they undergo wear and tear, they grow old and turn acidic and in due course they die.

These dead skin cells accumulate in the outer layer and sometimes act with the dust and dirt along with the oil produced by the oil glands to cause acne and some other skin problems. Hence, it is necessary to remove the dead skin layer at regular intervals. It removes the blockage from the pores, keeps the skin clean and healthy and prevents acne.

Exfoliation is mainly done for face but it can be done for the entire body too. It has been in practices for ages and has been used by both men and women. In earlier days, people used to use salt for exfoliation. These days there are many cosmetic products to do this.

Listed below are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow while exfoliating:


Before you start exfoliating, use a cleanser to remove the dirt and makeup. Straight away using an exfoliator on the makeup will not give you good results.

Exfoliate at once a week, and be gentle on your skin when exfoliating. This should be enough. Do not overdo it as it can harm the skin rather than doing good.

Get an exfoliator that’s meant specifically for your skin type. Check out which kind of exfoliator suits your skin and then buy.

Hydrate your skin soon after exfoliation, using a good vitamin enriched moisturizer.

Wear a sun screen after the process whenever you step outside in the sun. Exfoliation makes your skin sensitive and the sun rays can harm it.


Don’t exfoliate daily. You don’t need to. It can be harsh on your skin and cause severe damage.

If you are using a granular scrub, don’t press hard. It will peel off the skin and leave you sore.

Stick on to one kind of a product. Changing the products too often can make your skin rough.

Buy a good branded product and don’t go in for any cheap stuff. It’s a matter of your skin, after all.