Exfoliation: Types and Importance

Exfoliating the skin is an important part of skin care. This is the procedure via which the old dead cells of the skin are removed and they are replaced by new cells and the overall effect not only helps the skin be healthy, but also makes it more soft and smooth.

There are primarily 3 types of exfoliation procedures. The first one is called the Manual Exfoliation which is a procedure of scrubbing the skin. This is the exfoliation procedure where one cleans or rubs the skin using a gentle washcloth or an exfoliating scrub. Exfoliation of the face should not be done for more than 2 times every week.

There are products like electric face brush, exfoliating pouches and exfoliate gloves to help you complete the process. If you want the procedure done home for the face, you can choose oatmeal to exfoliate the skin. In case you have acne, then do not use manual exfoliating methods.

The second procedure of exfoliating is called enzyme exfoliation. This is the best mode of exfoliation for sensitive skin. This procedure uses enzymes found in pineapples and papaya to help exfoliate. This process does not involve scrubbing and hence is best for sensitive skin. If you have dry skin, then do not exfoliate your face more than thrice a week. Combination skin and normal skin should be exfoliated at least twice every week.

The third exfoliation type is the Chemical Exfoliation. This procedure is the most suitable for skin that is prone to acne and is oily. It can also cure skin that has been damaged by the sun. This is because the acidic chemicals that are used in the process are alpha hydroxyl acid and beta hydroxyl acid.

These are used to treat sunburn wounds as well. This method of exfoliation does not benefit normal skin. All the other skin types can have this procedure applied successfully. However, there is a word of caution regarding this procedure; the cleansing acids can be fairly aggressive and therefore it is advised that you always seek the assistance of a professional to have it done.

The skin exfoliation procedure not only removes old cells but also clears the skin of dirt and toxins. The procedure gives boost to new cells to grow in place of old and hence the skin becomes smooth and supple.