4 Different Types Of Make Up

4 Different Types Of Make Up

Make up is a vital part of a girl’s life. There are some of us that probably don’t want to leave our home without putting on a particular make up item. There is always a particular cosmetic that holds a special place in our heart and we just can’t do without that.

Depending on the types of occasions and different events, there are several kinds of make up. For instance, you will never want to appear with a dull looking make up on your face at a flashy cocktail party and you would really like to play with colorful makeup on a bright sunny day. Though, we all have individual preferences for make up, below you will find a list of various types of make up and some quick tips on applying them.

Various Kinds Of Make Up

Prom Makeup

The Prom day is one of the most significant place in a girl’s life and she does her maximum effort to put her best fashionable statement forward. Here, the prom make up plays a crucial role in the process.

prom makeup

One can go for a totally vibrant look on their face which is full of colors or one can opt for a classy and elegant look. Some very popular types of prom make up includes a sparkling eye look, a smoky hot look and a colorful spring look.

Punk Rock Makeup

If you have a rock band image or you are more of a tomboy chic, the rock make up is the right choice for you. With this make up, you can highlight your rock look and your rebellious instincts. To get a bold and daring punk rock look, start with a light foundation to cover up all the flaws of your skin.Create a smoky eye look with a thick layer of eye liner on your upper and lower lids followed by a thick coat of black mascara.

punk rock

Also use black eye shadow on the upper lids and make sure to smudge it outwards with a brush. Complete the look with red pouty lips or you can experiment with more darker shades like black or brown.

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Beach Make up

You are all set to spend a full day at your favorite beach. You have all the things ready like your beach wear, shades and a wide safari hat. But, have you put your essential make up kit for the beach? You might wonder as what kind of make up is best suitable for a beach day!

beach make up

All you need to do is to carry basic make up items along with a sunscreen. Make sure to apply the make up after putting on sunscreen or you can opt for cosmetics which have a natural sun blocking tendency. You should use very light colored shades and the make up should look as natural as possible.

Spring Make up

Spring season is one of the best season of the year and brings with it winds of freshness and brightness. For a perfect spring make up look, one should stick to soft and neutral colors instead of dark shades which are a complete no-no for a sunny day. A light color lip shade like baby pink or peach will suit best for this season.

spring makeup

Apart from that, one should use a thin layer of liner and avoid double coating the eyes. Make sure to create soft edges on the eyes with a light brush.