Eye Catching Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles are smart, trendy and some may even agree it is by far the coolest hairstyle sported by both men and women today. Mohawk hairstyles require low maintenance, though from time to time one needs to get their hair cut to maintain the length of the Mohawk.

These hairstyles should be sported by those who are not afraid to embrace their wild side.  One innovative way of making the look all the more intricate is braiding the Mohawk to make the look an eye catching one. Here are four braided Mohawk styles to try out this season.

Attractive Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

The Simple Braided Mohawk 

The simple braided Mohawk is the easiest of the braided Mohawks. It is simple compared to the other Mohawks and less time consuming. This type of Mohawk takes around five to ten minutes to style. To start this style, simply comb your hair using a wide toothed brush and then detangle it.
simple braided mohawk
Note, your hair is already in the style of a Mohawk so make two sections of the remaining hair surrounding the Mohawk and tie away each section of hair and then braid it simply by putting one section on top of the other simultaneously and then secure the braids using an elastic hair tie. One can also incorporate beads into the Mohawk to make the Mohawk look all the more intricate. 

The Mohawk Braided Bun 

The Mohawk braided one is a very unique take on the Mohawk. In this eye catching style, French braid your Mohawk provided your Mohawk is long and then make the end of the braid into a bun by rolling it like a bun and secure it with bobby pins. The other sections of hair surrounding the Mohawk can be braided or corn rowed to make patterns like a zigzag pattern or a line pattern.

The Twisted Braid Mohawk Style 

The twisted braid Mohawk style is a twist on the simple braid Mohawk style. In this style, the hair is first detangled after which part the hair into three sections such that the middle one is the Mohawk.
twisted braid
Then tie each section with a hair tie and then rope twist and braid the ponytails of the two sections and incorporate beads or barrettes once you are done.

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The Cornrows Mohawk Style 

The corn row Mohawk style is a different type of a braided Mohawk. Here the braids are done in the form of corn rows which can be done with the help of a professional hair stylist in case you find it difficult to make it on your own. In this style, the Mohawk will be styled according to the amount of hair you kid has.
More the amount of volume of hair, make more sections of hair and then after making a parting down the middle of the head ,start corn rowing the hair. Remember to start from the sides and then go towards the middle. This will take time as corn rows require a certain amount of dedication to make as they are very fine and need to be made tight and firm so that they do not become loose over time and lose their visual effect.