Eye Makeup For Natural Look

Eyes Makeup Looks

Eyes Makeup LooksWhen little is all what you need then why to hurdle for more? We all love to groom ourselves in the best possible way as we can. Sometimes in doing so we just go over the board and end up making ourselves look like a clown with all the heavy makeup.

What we fail to understand is that it is not always good to wear only very bright and glossy make-up in order to catch attention, but simple and natural looking makeup can also do wonders and let many heads turn towards you.

Accentuate You Eyes For A Dazzling Look

Keep It Simple But Crisp

Eyes are the most attractive part of our face, and if we give careful attention to what kind of makeup will look good on them, we would not only lessen the unnecessary burden of applying multiple layers of cosmetic on them, but also gather numerous praises even after attempting simple steps to achieve that praiseworthy Natural look.

Add A Natural Touch To Your Eyes


Love your eyes. Love the natural beauty of them! The best way to accentuate your striking eyes is by transforming them with a little sensuous look with a touch of natural eye makeup. In achieving so, your best makeup companions would be –

  • Neutral Eye Shadows
  • Brown And Natural Looking Eyeliner Pencil
  • Eyelash Curler Or Fake Eyelashes (only If You Don’t Have Long Lashes)
  • Natural Mascara

Starting Up With The Natural Eye Makeup

Apply The Eye Shadow First

Begin your natural looking eye make up with the application of a neutral shade or earthy tone eye shadow. Brown, bronze and copper shades go the best. It is advisable to firstly analyze your complexion and then opt for an eye shadow that blends well with your skin tone. Begin applying it from one end of your eyelid reaching towards the other end a little towards your eye brows. Ensure that the eye shadow camouflages well with your skin without leaving a patchy impression on your eye lids.

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Eye Liner Is The Second Important Eye Makeup Essential

Black eye liner is not always what you should be looking forward to. Black is good for a bold look, but natural shades like brown go well for a natural look.


Apply the neutral shade eye liner tightly along with your upper eyelash line. If you must, then use the same colour eye liner on your lower lash line drawing a thin line essentially.

Flaunt The Fake

If you don’t have long eyelashes then you may opt for fake eyelashes, or you may make us of eyelash curler to curl your eye lashes nicely for fullest fringes. Otherwise a good curler will also do good to your eyelashes for that eye-catching natural look.

Mascara Adding The final Touch


Mascara is another essential makeup component that you cannot go without when doing a natural eye makeup. Apply the mascara from the upper lashes and sparingly on the lower lashes as well.

Once you are done with the above mentioned basics, give yourself a quick look in the mirror. If you feel like experimenting a little more with the look go ahead. After all it’s your time to be a trend setter; who knows tomorrow people start asking you about your makeup secrets!