Eye Makeup Made Easy With These Tips

eye makeup

Eye Makeup Made Easy With These TipsApplying makeup to your eyes is a tedious job because of the many layers you need to put and blend in order to achieve the desired look.

Here are 5 easy and fast ways to do it.
When you need to be in some place special and need to look your best while being short on time, you can do these tricks to have your eye makeup in 10 minutes.

First: Ready your eyes. Generally, before applying makeup to your face, concealer must be used. This is to hide blemishes, pimples, and cover eye bags and dark circles around your eyes. Apply concealer in tapping method using your ring finger until satisfied.

Second: Get the right base and eye shadow combination. Your base must be of high quality in order to hold your eye shadow longer. Apply it on the lid. Generally, eye shadows are applied in three layers that should blend perfectly well. Experts recommend application of a nude color on your lid, up to the brow bone. Then follow next with the medium shade on your lid and continue by blending the darker color to highlight the crease.

Third: Apply your eyeliner carefully. Eyeliner is applied to define the shape of your eyes. You can use eye shadow of darker hues apart from pencil or liquid eyeliners. To perfectly apply the upper as well as the lower line, start from the inside to the outer corner of your eyes. Make it as natural looking as possible.

Fourth: Apply highlighters. There are many effects you can achieve with your eyes after applying the basics. Want to get those shimmering effects you see celebrities wear? Here’s how. Highlighters usually come in pencil form. Choose gold or pink hues and trace the inside corner of your eyes. At the other end, you can apply shimmering ones at your brow bone. Blend well.

Fifth: Complete your look with mascara. There are many variants to choose from when it comes to mascara also. You can combine them for a better effect. What you must avoid with mascara is the clump and sticking of eyelashes.

Primer mascara is a great way to prevent this. However, if you don’t have one, apply your mascara from the roots of your eyelashes and wriggle the brush upward to the tips. This should separate the lashes. Avoid a smudge when applying it to the lower lash by putting a tissue under it.

You are now ready to curl your lashes. Get your eye curler and blow dry a little to warm it before using.