5 Eye Makeup Tips For Blondes

Eye Makeup Tips For BlondesPeople believe that blondes are blessed with perfection and that there is absolutely no effort involved for them to look gorgeous. This is, however, a misconception.

Every woman, blondes included, need to make an effort in order to ensure that their choice of makeup and clothes does not clash with their colouring, and make them look like a fashion disaster. If you are blonde, you might often feel insipid, especially when you see your friends wearing vibrant colours. However, you do not need to limit yourself.

Being blonde is fun – you just need to take a few steps to enhance your natural beauty. The eyes are said to be the mirror of the heart. When it comes to your eyes, you might face a huge challenge as to how to make yourself up.

After all, choosing the wrong colours might make you either look extremely sallow or, worse still, look like someone gave you a black eye! The following eye makeup tips for blondes will help you strike a balance and to get great-looking eyes.

Tip 1

Start off by applying just a very thin coat of primer of foundation to your eyelids. Remember that the purpose of this is just to reduce the visibility of imperfections and to smooth out the surface of your skin. Therefore, do not overdo it.

Applying a very thin coat of primer of foundation to your eyelidsTip 2

Use lighter shades of eye shadow which blends with your complexion. Avoid startling colours which will detract from your natural beauty. Colours that look good on blondes are pale gold, light brown, light coral, apricot, lavender and charcoal grey.

Use lighter shades of eye shadowTip 3

When opting for eye liners, use a pencil to draw a thin line along your eyelids. Keep as close to the eyelashes as possible. If you would like to add more definition to your eyes, you can use an eye liner of the lower lid as well. However, keep this as light as possible. Also, be cautious about using dark eyeliners as these will clash with your blonde hair.

Use a pencil to draw a thin line along your eyelidsTip 4

Use an eyelash curler to enhance your eyes. Do not overdo it, though, since you might end up spoiling your eyelashes.

Use an eyelash curler to enhance your eyes.Tip 5

When opting for mascara, avoid very dark colours. Choose dark brown mascara, or any other medium colour that would blend with the eye liner and eye shadow that you have chosen.

Choose dark brown mascara