Eye Makeup: Tips to Apply Eyeliner

Eye Makeup: Tips to Apply Eyeliner

Eye Makeup: Tips to Apply EyelinerYour eyes must be the most defined feature in your face when it comes to applying makeup. In fact, using eyeliner is enough to make a difference in your looks. Eyeliner comes in two types: liquid and pencil.

Applying eyeliner perfectly

Eyeliner application demands certain strokes and style, so you must invest in a good set of eye brushes to make it easier for you. A trick you must learn with liquid eyeliner is to be consistent with your line and do it in an outward stroke.

Lower eye line application. Draw a line starting in the middle and ending it at the outer corner of your eye. Draw another line from the inner corner of your eye and connect it to the first in the middle.

Upper eye line application. Unlike in the lower eye line, upper lashes must not be done in line but by dotting the eyelashes at their roots. This method will make your eyelashes look naturally thick.

Applying eyeliner for certain eye looks Smoky Eyes: Make a line in you upper lid and start from the inside corner toward the outside corner of your eyes. Get the middle part thicker. Then, trace the line with an eye shadow of deep color and blend with another richer color of eye shadow on your lashes.

Bold and Dramatic Eyes: This effect is perfect at night. Apply liquid eyeliner in the upper lashes in the same way you did with smoky eyes, with the only difference being to make the outer edges thicker this time.

Cat Eyes: This too is perfect at night. Trace your upper lash line by dotting the liner into the lashes. Get the Cat Eye Effect by extending the end line at the outer edge. Next, draw line at the rim of your eye line in an inward sweep. Be sure you fade the line as you move toward the inside corner of your eye. Extend the outer edge line as well.

To get a softer look, you can try dark brown or charcoal eyeliner color. Then, apply a taupe or brown eye shadow over the lower line using an eye shadow brush.

For daily use, make the lines light for a natural look. Do the upper lines by applying liner in short strokes from outside in. Set the line by tracing it with an eye shadow. In the lower lash, apply eye shadow again from outside in and use a deeper color.