Eye Makeup Tips

Makeup can do wonders for your eyes. In fact, small eyes can be transformed into bigger and brighter eyes, provided you know how.

There are several ways you can adopt for a total makeover of your eyes to have looks such as smoky, bold and dramatic, and the sexy cat eyes. For your daily use, you can enhance it so naturally that your friends wouldn’t even know it without taking a closer look.

Want to know how?

It is really easy to turn your eyes wider and brighter by following these tricks. For starters, get a good set of eye brushes and of course, eye cosmetics. In addition, practice a good hand control. You will need a lot of it.

Your makeover must start first by prepping your eyes. Get a concealer and dab it under your eyes to hide dark circles and eye bags. And get your brows well manicured.

Elaborate the shape of your eyes

Eyeliner can do this trick. You can use either pencil or liquid. Apply on your lower eye line first, from inner corner outward. Draw a line first, starting in the middle and end it at the outer corner. Draw another line from inner corner and connect the two in the middle. Follow the same procedure for your upper eye line.

Make your eyelashes long

Dreamed of having long lashes? Don’t be envious as you too can make it real. You can do a couple of tricks to get it. First, apply mascara. Start from the roots of your upper eyelashes and wiggle the brush up to the tips to avoid clumps and sticky lashes. Do the bottom eyelashes too. Second, use false eyelashes. This does wonders to give you a sexy exotic look. You can easily buy at the cosmetic section and ask the attendant to show you how to properly place it.

Curl your eyelashes

Get the illusion of long lashes by curling yours. Do this by warming your curlers first through blow-drying and curl it after you applied the mascara.


Complete your makeover by using highlighters. Get a gold or platinum highlighter and dab some along brow bone or at the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure you blend in properly. White eye pencil can be applied for outlining your lower lids. Your eyes will look seductive after this.