Eye Shadow That Stays Longer

A woman’s face is like a canvass where makeup is used to give color and produce a lovely beautiful finish.

There are many things you need to use in order to achieve the look you desire, like investing on high quality brushes and cosmetic products. If you are one who uses makeup on a daily basis, your makeup must blend well to ensure natural look. You must get the right color combinations too based on the time of day you are using it.

Applying makeup in a bare face usually start by prepping your face, your canvass. How do you ready your face? Wash it properly in order to remove dirt and make it oil-free. Apply concealer to conceal blemishes or pimples if there is any. So does with your eyes.

Eyes are the most interesting part on the face. You can elaborate it to make it bright and full of life. Other times, you make it smoky and dramatic, like an open window where you show your feelings.

Choosing the colors you put into your eyes

Before you do anything to apply makeup into your eyes, choose your colors according to the occasion and the time of day you need to wear it. Dramatic, smoky and cat eyes are usually great to wear at night. For daily use, make it light and as natural looking as possible.

Learn the colors that will work great with these makeup styles. Because of the numerous arrays of colors to select from, it is often confusing which colors work best with what color. Choose your eyeliner color, mascara and of course, eye shadows that basically comprise 3 colors that ranges from light to medium shade and darker.

Want a longer-lasting eye shadow?

It is frustrating how easily eye shadows seem to evaporate when you’ve put so much effort to achieve the look you wanted. So how can you solve this? Invest on a base that works well in holding your shadows for many hours even to the next day.

The most recommended brand is MAC Paints collection like the Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. However, it can be a little expensive. There is also ColorStay 12 Hour Eye shadow from Revlon that is a little cheaper.

Apply your base on your lid before your eye shadow. And you’ll see a huge difference.