Eyebrow Brush

42-17456558Your eyebrows can get unruly even after you have paid a visit to the salon. To keep them looking their best, you should invest in an eyebrow brush. The best one to keep them in place is a brush that has a comb attached to it. This way you can get them tame.

When shopping for an eyebrow brush, your local cosmetic store will carry them or even the local drug store in the makeup department. They can range in price depending on the manufacturer. There are high end brushes and also cheap little brushes. If you can, you should purchase one that has a comb with it.

The comb is usually on one end of the brush or it is on the flip side. Your best option is to purchase a brush that is stiff and feels hard to the touch. It should also be short so that you have better control. If possible, try to feel it before you leave the store with it.

Using the brush to apply color to your brows can be very essential to your makeup process. You should use colors instead of pencils to blend in the color. Your brush can be used several different ways. If your brows are light and not full and heavy, you can make them darker by using a clear coat of mascara. The next step is to take an eyebrow brush that is small and dip it in eye shadow.

The colors that you should choose from are brown, gray or black. Apply the eye shadow slowly with the brush and then powder it as though it were a pencil. This will give you a natural look to your eye brows.

Cheap brushes can work great, but if you want to get the best out of your eyebrow brush, you should invest in a decent one. You also want to make sure that you keep it clean so that you avoid build up from prior uses. This can cause infections and things of that nature. Some simple soap and water will take of this for you.