Eyebrow regrowth

eyebrow-regrowthThe question here is if eyebrows grow as easily as other body hair.

The fact is that eyebrow follicles are known to give up easily. That is, if you keep on plucking them, they will eventually not grow back. Therefore, it is risky if you tend to overpluck your eyebrows frequently. You may end up losing them altogether. It’s important that you be very careful when you are plucking your eyebrows.

You might have seen women who have very thin or almost non-existent eyebrows. This is because of overplucking frequently. You should keep in mind that extra hairs can always be plucked out, however, once plucked they will be difficult to grow back.

When you pluck them repeatedly, they are destroyed and hence, do not grow back. As it is, they are slow in recovering from any disruption in their normal growth and hence the loss. Most often you just need to be patient to let them grow back naturally because that is all you can do. However, you should check what the real cause of the thinning is, because if the cause has not been solved then the thin growth may still persist.

If you have lost your eyebrows permanently because of any reason, some alternatives are available to give you a normal look.

Hair transplants

These are not as big as they sound. Some hair is removed from your scalp and planted on the eyebrow area. It is simple. However, it might cost a bit more than the other, cheaper alternatives. Most often, it does not involve any hassle; you just might have to maintain it a little bit.


This will be painful for sure. However, it will give you a permanent solution to your permanent problem. It will not cost more. Cosmetic tattooing is done in the shape of eyebrows. You will not have any hassle of maintaining it in any way.


The easiest technique is hiding your flaw behind makeup. You can do it at home and do not need to spend a lot over it. You can use camouflage cosmetics and draw eyebrows on your face with makeup. However, it might give you an artificial look; but, so do most extra thin eyebrows.