Eyebrow Threading Gone Wrong: How to Fix It Up

Eyebrow Threading Gone Wrong

Eyebrows have a great impact on how you look. Many women go for eyebrow threading regularly. Sometimes the threading can completely go wrong making you look awful.

The outcome are common eyebrow problems like thin, uneven or irregularly shaped eyebrows. Under these circumstances, either you can wait for the hair to grow back before you can set them right carefully, or you can follow some of the immediate tips which can correct this disaster to a certain extent.

If the eyebrows have become very thin or have become irregular then the best tool to correct this is the eyebrow pencil. Pencil can stick well on the skin and also can stay good for longer. Use the pencil from inner part of the brows and gently draw lines outwards. This is the way the hair grows on the eyebrows. Choose the right shade of the pencil. It should be one shade lighter than your eyebrow color.

Choose the right shade of the pencil

If your eyebrow is lighter, then use a darker shade eye pencil. Don’t overdo it or draw thick lines as it can make you look funny. The pencil should be used very lightly like a feather stroke and the direction should be outward. The pencil should be a soft one and not waxy else it would smudge and make you look terrible. One very innovative way to hide your messed-up eyebrows would be to brush the hair into the side part of the eyebrow that has gone wrong and use some hair spray on them so that it remains there for a longer time.

Brush the hair of eyebrow

If your eyebrow is still thick and bushy at places, after threading, you can very well set it right yourself using tweezers. Check out the thickness that you would need and slowly pluck all the extra hair. Be careful and make sure that you have enough light when you do it. This trick can also be used to correct the shape of the eyebrows, if the eyebrow is still thicker where it needs to be thin that is around the outer ends.

Used to correct the shape of the eyebrows

One sincere advice would be not to wax your eyebrows as there is always a chance of the eyebrows going out of shape. It can also peel of the soft skin around the brow. Threading is always a safe bet though it’s a bit painful. But make sure that you get it done from a professional at a good salon.

Wax Your Eyebrows