Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow TintingWhile we may all admire the famous Mona Lisa painting and admire the strange woman’s beauty, not many of us would want to go without our eyebrows and eyelashes. Eyebrows frame our face, define our beautiful eyes and enhance our facial makeup.

However the presence of lackluster light brows and eyelashes without color can drown the beauty of your eyes. Although the use of mascara and eyebrow pencils can remedy the situation temporarily, this can be a tiring process which does not last for longer periods of time. Eyebrow tinting can be a perfect solution for all your woes.

So who exactly can tint their eyebrows? Well, almost anyone can tint their eyebrows. However those with pale skin and blond white hair may find this more beneficial as darker brows can accentuate your eyes and highlight their beauty.

Use of mascara and eyebrow pencilsThis semi permanent hair darkening may be the answer to those runny mascara problems and half colored eyebrows after a dip in a pool or during a date night movie. People who have just changed their hair color might want to change their eyebrow and eyelash color based on it.

Tinting of your eyebrows has to be done by a licensed professional as the chemicals in these eyebrow tinting products can harm your eyes. The entire process takes around fifteen to twenty minutes. The skin around the brows is moisturized and cardboard shapes are placed under your eyelashes once you close your eyes.

Brows is moisturized and cardboard shapesAn applicator with cotton is dipped in the solution and steadily applied to the brows and the lashes. Once the tint dries off after ten minutes, then the lashes and brows are washed with a mild soap and water. Last minutes touch up with an eyebrow pencil and stain removal completes the process. While choosing the color for the tinting process make sure that it matches with your natural brow and hair color.

Applicator with cotton applied to the browsEyebrow tinting procedures are available in all upscale parlors and salons. Remember to test for allergies before opting for the opting for the tinting. It is also important to keep in mind that the eyebrow tinting products are not FDA approved and it has long since reissued its long-standing warning against “permanent” eyebrow and eyelash dyeing. A tinted gel or powder can be the best alternatives to this problem.

Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing

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