2 Top Facial Exercises

All of us suffer from many skin problems during our life and most common problem is wrinkles, which start appearing with age. These wrinkles can make you look older and aged, but you can overcome this skin problem with the help of few facial exercises.

Facial Exercises

These exercises are helpful in tightening your skin over time. These exercises are easy to do and will take just few minutes of your time on daily basis.Our face has more than forty muscles and with time, all these muscles relax and result is wrinkle generation. Facial exercises are specially designed for these muscles and you will surely get the desired result through regular exercise. These exercises are very helpful and natural, and through a five minute exercise each day, you will get smooth, fresh and wrinkle free skin.

For tightening the forehead muscles, start the exercise by placing the index finger just above eyes and pull the skin downward. At the same time move your eye brows by raising them and pulling down. Do the same procedure for maximum 10 minutes.For tightening the skin around eyes, raise and lower your eye lids for 10 minutes. Do the exercise one by one with both eyes. After this exercise, take cucumber slices and place on eyes to deal with swelling of eyes.

tightening the forehead muscles

For tightening the skin of cheeks, make your lips form a round position, then make a big smile and go round lips again. Repeat the procedure for 10 minutes every day to tighten the skin.While washing face daily, do the procedure in round motion while going upward rather than down. If you wash downwards, then you are helping the skin to become loose with time.These are very simple and easy exercises for avoiding wrinkles and you must realise that lotions or cream like products are no solution for wrinkle free skin. Give few minutes to these exercises and you will surely get the results. Save your time and money, and do these natural exercises to get the best possible results. You will get tight skin in no time.

tightening the skin of cheeks