Facial Hair Removal: Tweezing Hair

An integral part of every woman’s beauty regime is regular hair removal. Stray unwanted hair on your face can cause you much distress. One of the best ways of temporarily removing facial hair is by tweezing or plucking hair using small metal forceps.

Used only for small areas like the upper lips and the eyebrows, this method of unwanted hair removal is easy to use and extremely cost effective. Unfortunately this method is quite painful and if not done the right way can cause serious damage to the skin and the hair follicles.

Before you start pulling out your hair using tweezers it is important to first sterilize the metal forceps. This will prevent any infections due to the tweezers. Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at the facial hair. Now using your fingers, stretch the area of the face from where you want to pull out the excess hair. Place the tweezers close to hair roots and in one swift movement pull the hair in the direction in which the facial hair grows.

It is a great idea to do this after you have a bath as you skin is soft and moist. Alternately you can also dampen the area with a soft clothe to ease the hair removal. However be ready for the sharp pricking sensation and the appearance of red bumps especially if your skin is sensitive.

Tweezers are available in a range of tip shapes and sizes from square to round tipped. Make sure that you buy one of a good quality to enable easy hair removal. Do not try to pull more than a single hair strand at the time as the process can be very painful. After you are done, use a soothing lotion or an astringent to reduce the skin inflammation, ease the pain and close the facial pores.

While it may appear simple but tweezing hair can cause a number of problems if not done properly. From development of ingrown hair to pigmentation and scarring the risks associated with tweezing are far too many to ignore. Not only is it a slow painstaking process but tweezing hair from the upper lips and eyebrows can result in the re-growth of coarse and thick hair.