3 Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of facial hair treatments. Some women try shaving, but they worry that it can lead to thicker hair. A few desperate women have gone to extreme lengths, like scrubbing the hair with a towel or pumice stone, injuring themselves in the process. Facial Hair
Don’t let yourself become frustrated. There are options that won’t lead to serious injury. Threading is a treatment that uses ordinary sewing thread to remove unwanted hair. The thread is wound back and forth over the hairy areas, yanking even the finest hair out as it passes by.

Many beauticians can provide this service. If your hair is thicker and sparser, try plucking out the noticeable strands yourself. Threading your eyebrows yourself isn’t recommended, though, because it can be awkward and there’s a chance your eyebrows will come out uneven.

It’s best to leave the eyebrows to the professional beauticians unless; you’re particularly skilled in the technique. Threading also works on the forehead, but don’t try it if you have pimple problems in that area.

Waxing is another option. Though you can’t feasibly wax your whole face, you can wax selected parts of it. For example, sideburns are easily waxed and they typically re-grow slowly after treatment. If you choose waxing for your regular routine, you’ll even notice reduced hair growth after a while.


Be sure to wax only the thickest hairs, like those on your sideburns, upper lip, and chin. Regularly removing finer hairs will cause it to grow back thicker than before. Avoid waxing your cheeks, because that’s where most of the fine hair grows, and you don’t want to get hairy cheeks!

After you’ve removed the thicker, more noticeable hairs, you can bleach the remaining hair on your face. It’s important that the thick hairs be removed first, because thick blonde hair can be easily visible. The finer hairs, when bleached, will blend more readily with your face, hiding from sight.


It might take a bit of work, but removing hair doesn’t have to end in disaster. The important consideration is to choose the method that you prefer and stick to it as a regular regimen for the best results.

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