Factors of the Daily Lifestyle which Affect our Eyes

How we conduct ourselves and the sort of habits we have not only affect our personality but also have an impact on one of the most important organs of our body.

The eyes are our window to the world and they get affected if we do not follow a healthy living. What we do now affects our overall health later. There are some habits and practices that we might have made a part of our lifestyle but continuing with those practices tend to weaken our eyes in the long run.

Two very common habits which have an impact on our eyes in the long run are smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Smoking for example induces toxic substances in the skin and makes it dry and takes away all the nutrients. It not only affects the skin directly, but also impacts our lungs and the heart by acting as a stimulant. It reduces our immunity and makes the body susceptible to many ailments.

The smoke that is exhaled comes in direct contact with the eyes and the nicotine content makes the muscles in the face tensed. The pressure in the muscles in the face with dry skin containing remnants of toxic substances overall prevents the nurturing of the eyes and the constant high pressure generated due to smoking weakens the muscles of the eye. Excessive alcohol consumption also leads to the dryness of the skin and prevents the nutrients from reaching the eyes.

Following closely are our habits of straining the eyes and not exercising them for even a bit. Almost every person who goes to office daily has to work on computers all day long and he/she usually does not have good eye care habits which demand moving away from the computer screen for at least 20 minutes in every two hours.

There is an exercise recommended to professionals, which involves them to view distant objects from time to time to help stretch the eye muscles. Blinking constantly while working for long hours on the computer is also a good practice to prevent excessive strain on the eye. Lack of these habits, lead to the weakening of vision in the long run.

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