5 Facts About Chest Pain In Women

5 Facts About Chest Pain In Women

When you’re in the middle of the dinner or when you are engrossed in any activity, your chest starts paining suddenly.The chest pain in women can be regular or it may crop up some times.A chest pain can either be a severe heartburn or heart attack.

When you have a heavy, oily meal and you lack water at the same time your chest pain can be a crucial matter of heartburn.Actually women have a tendency to ignore their chest pains, but it is extremely important to consult the doctor as soon as possible because negligence can turn to stern medical problems.

Women mostly between age group of 28 to 50 face chest pain often. Hinging on the cause, their chest pain can be dull, sharp, aching, burning, stabbingor a tight, crushing sensation.The pain can be felt from the neck to the upper abdomen.In few cases before analyzing, the doctor has to go for the treatment of chest pain which can be thoroughly an emergency. We’ve discussed about the chest pain in women in detail.

Chest Pain In Women

Causes of Chest Pain

There are common causes of chest pain that the patient usually experience. Talking of heartburn you can ward off that pain by eating rightly.There are certain foods that generate harsh heartburn like fried or spicy foods, chocolates, caffeine, peppermint, sugar, alcohol and acidic fruits and vegetables.These foods when eaten frequently will decline the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscles thus permitting the acid flows into the esophagus.Doctors say that heartburn can be caused also from the medicines and over-the-counter tablets such as ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin, iron, prednisone and potassium.

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As per the heart attack you won’t get any indication.Soon after physical exertion they arise at a sudden pace and for this the blood pressure too goes up and blood vessels restrict, for example as shoveling snow.The other causes of chest pain that arise in women are due to hypertension, angina,asthma bronchitis, blood clot within the lung inflammation of muscles inflammation in the esophagus/joints, anemia exercising after eating, abnormal fluid retention etc which may also need urgent hospitalization.

Symptoms of Chest Pain in Women

The reason behind women’s chest pain (heart burn) is because of few symptoms including depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, pressure/burning feeling in the chest,dizziness, nausea,vomiting breathing trouble,stress,cold sweating, and pain that branches towards the arms, jaw, neck and back. But women think these are the common signs of chest pain which can be stopped by simple painkillers.

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If the woman clasps her chest and abruptly falls on the floor, it can either be unbearable pain for which she has to be rushed to hospital immediately or a heart attack which is quite rare to happen.

Chest Pain Diagnosis

When the patient comes with the problem of chest pain the doctor assesses the pain in order to treat her in a better way possible. He evaluates a potential diagnosis by asking her necessary questions alongside carrying a clinic examination.


She may also perform certain tests for chest pain like blood test, X-rays of chest, ECG, lung scanning, cardiac catheterization etc as per the diagnosis found.

Treatment of Chest Pain

After eating too much food you should lie down for some time, and while sleeping you should keep your head above your stomach. You can also calm down your slight heartburn by having over-the-counter antacids like Tums that neutralizes the stomach acid.


If chest pain begins due to extreme strain like coughing or caused by the injury to the chest wall then women can ingest ibuprofen or acetaminophen which eases the worries.If the pain is because of flaming of existing situation they require following doctor’s guidance.If the suspicion by the doctor is angina you will be treated with essential medications.

Prevention of Chest Pain

Women shouldn’t be obese and for this they have to maintain their weight by exercising and walking for 30 mins to 1 hour (5 days a week).


They should keep their cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetics under control evade smoking if they do perform yoga or meditation every day, and ingest balanced low fat diet. Thus women shouldn’t delay themselves in showing doctors when they undergo chest pain.

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