Facts About Laser Hair Removal

How it works?

Experts are of the opinion that removing hair by using laser is effective on those who have dark hair with light skin. The laser breaks the melanin in the hair and as a result the hair becomes discolored. In the normal course, the hair removal takes quite some time, about two to three hours. But, hair removal through laser process will take just a few minutes. Lasers have the capacity to penetrate too many follicles in one go and so the entire process is done at much faster rate. In fact, it is said that lasers are the best way to remove the hairs under the arms, in the back and on the chest. However, if the person is having dark hair, in such cases lasers will be more effective. Those who have blonde hair, they should go through the process of electrolysis instead of laser hair removal process.

How long is the treatment?

The duration of treatment varies from person to person. It depends on the general health condition of the person. The treatment is normally spread over 4 to 6 sessions. Between each session, gap of one month is given. During this entire period of treatment hair growth will reduce by about 70% to 80%. About 14 days after commencement of the treatment hair starts to fall. A mild exfoliate will be sufficient to remove the hair. But this should be applied about 10 days after the treatment.

How effective is the treatment?

Experts are skeptical about the effectiveness of the laser hair removal procedure. They say that in many cases after treatment re-growth of hair has reduced considerably. However, in some other cases re-growth has occurred few months after the treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment also depends on the expertise of the person administering the treatment.

The treatment does not cause much pain but yet experts’ advice pain killers like ibuprofen should be administered about two hours before the treatment. In some cases, experts may suggest local anesthesia about half an hour before the treatment. Further, the technician may suggest having a shave one or two days before the treatment.

Cost of treatment:

The cost of treatment varies from $200 to $2000 depending on various factors like the type of laser treatment, duration of each treatment etc.