Facts About Piercing

piercingFigure out the piercing style you prefer

After deciding to get a piercing, you need to figure out which sort of piercing will best suit you.  In order to do so, you can begin by searching through online resources; look for various pictures and decide which one you like the best.

You should also consider the job that you have and how that will affect your choice in piercing.  You can then visit tattoo and piercing shops in your local area.  You want to be sure that the shop you select is clean and licensed.

Get the piercing

Be sure to take some time to relax before going to get your piercing.  If you are super active and stressed out, you can stress yourself out and ruin the experience.  Any kind of piercing is going to hurt a bit, but the process should be tolerable.  Tolerance varies from person to person.  After you get the piercing done, it is your responsibility to take care of it.

How to take care of your piercing

Depending on the piercing you select, the instructions post-piercing will vary. They generally recommend that you clean it with an antibacterial soap and move it a little.  The idea is not to mess with it or move it too much.  You should clean the piercing two to three times a day.

After rinsing and drying the piercing, you can apply some h2ocean; this can be done up to five or six times a day.  It is important that you do not directly touch the piercing with your fingers because you risk spreading bacteria which can lead to an infection.

Some scabbing around the area is normal; simply freshen up the area around the piercing and wipe away crusts with a cotton swab.  And last but not least, remember that getting piercings is often addictive, so even if your current plan is to only have the one, you may get more in the future.