Fantastic And Gorgeous Black Prom Hairstyles For Girls

Hairstyles For Thin Hair 2012

For high school students and teenagers prom night is deemed as sacred occasion. Girls actually wait eagerly for nights like prom. To look unique and gorgeous is the demand and desire of each teenage girl. To achieve that end girls go for shopping to buy best dress and shoes but doing their hair is a problem they face at the final hour.

What to do with the mass? Should it be left dangling carelessly or make a bun that gives a mature manifestation or let be ironed and made super shiny. Black hairstyles appear cute, stylish and neat. Five such hair styles we are putting forward so that girls can match their requirements and prepare themselves special for that exclusive day.

Black Prom Hairstyles For Girls

V-Shaped Bob Cuts

V-Shaped Bob Cuts

It covers wide jaws and cheek bones. The v shape hair style entirely gives an awesome narrow look covering smartly extensive jaw line and broad cheekbones. Besides it gives finest funky look and this hairstyle is manageable in any circumstance.

Fantastic Braids And Twists

To have this ethnic look hair has to be side parted deeply. Thickening mousse is required to make the hair manageable hence it has to be rubbed from root to tip. Definitely hair will be tamed.

Fantastic Braids And Twists

As soon as the hair is dry entire mass has to have shifted on one side and braiding should be commenced right near the shoulder. The twists come now. The braid would be given a messy look with fingers and anti humidity hair spray will be applied amply.

Tousled Updo With Bangs

This excellent metropolitan style is in fashion for ages. To get this particular hair style volumizing mousse is rubbed from root to tip. Next finger combing is done and a messy bun is built up securing it with elastic.

Tousled Updo With Bangs

Intentionally few wisps of hair have to be let loose all around the face and lastly anti humidity hair spray is used to mystify the look. This hairstyle is excellent for any women irrespective of age and appearance. It gives a kind of bubbly look but reflect a sweet exquisiteness that one can never miss

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Chic Updo

This is an elegant hairstyle giving an extra sophistication to black hair. To have this kind of hair style the top section of hair has to be teased till it reaches upward at a considerable height the back section is smoothen over.

chic updo1

The sides are pulled tightly to make a ponytail. Now technology interferes with small barreled curling iron to style those loose strands banging near the forehead. Hairsprays are mandatory to hold their position. The style is dowsed fiercely with hairspray.

Lightly Tousled Half Updo

For those who have straight and slightly wavy hair this hair style is an awesome prom choice. The hair has to be blow dried and once it is dried entirely hair is parted into two halves horizontally from ear to ear. The type of hair will be a bit messy.

half updo

Lastly the crest or top section will be managed with a barrette and position is secured with medium hold hair spray. These are some of the fantastic and gorgeous black prom hairstyles that highlight the individual amidst the crowd making her the centre of attraction on this very special day.