Fashion Advice For Women Over 50

50 is fabulous, it sure is. This is a time when most women feel more confident than ever. You must not look at this as if you are aging. Yes you do get older but you must age in style. Getting the right styling is really important for any woman no matter how old.

You must express your true style through your looks and fashion. Lot of women either start wearing boring clothes or they go overboard. Here is a guide to sail you through your fabulous fifties, the top 5 fashion advice for women over 50 to choose from.

Best Fashion Tips For Older Women

Well Fitted Clothes 

The first and foremost thing for you to understand is that aging does not mean you stop looking after what you wear. You must pay attention to the kind of clothes you wear. Always wear fitted clothes.

well fitted clothes

Most women start wearing baggy clothes once they start crossing their 40s. Your style has nothing to do with your age, always wear nicely fitted clothes in colours that look good on you. Well fitted clothes are a style statement in themselves. 

Wear The Right Style 

Now when we say wear fitted clothes we don’t really want you to raid your daughter’s wardrobe. Realise that you should wear and dress your age. Dress elegantly. The current teen trend sure is not for you so wear clothes that you think you can carry without looking out of place.

right styles

Understand what makes you look better and comfortable. You may opt for skirts, denims, pants and even frocks, but pay attention to the cuts and fits and style most importantly. Don’t try to be something you are not. Out-of-the-box look might not look that great. 

Try Colours

Most women over 50 make the mistake of wearing black, white, beiges or creams and even grey. Colours have got nothing to do with age. Only wearing blacks, whites and other similar colours will only make you look older. Black sure is flattering but not always. Try and include different colours to your wardrobe. 

Be Comfortable

Make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you decide to buy or wear. Nothing can possibly be more wrong than constantly having to adjust your clothes. You sure would want to enjoy your night out rather than worrying about the tight denims you are wearing. Always be comfortable and let this be your mantra.

Try Prints

A lot of women over 50 go with solids when it comes to fashion. Being 50 does not mean you can stop wearing different prints. But here again, try not to be over the top.

printed clothes

Do not try funky prints but try prints that work on your body type. Try to either team up your trousers with printed top or your skirt with one. While opting for dresses, try to find more subtle prints that would compliment your age. 

Accessorise Right


Accessories play an important role in styling you. But at 50, less seems more. So carefully select your accessories and try to be simple as much as you can. After all, simplicity is the best accessory.