Fashion Etiquette For Formal Parties

Fashion Etiquette For Formal Parties

Fashion Etiquette For Formal PartiesA formal party is an extremely elegant and stylish event. You need to look and feel your best when attending such an event. Your attire is of great importance as it reflects your personality.

There are various types of formal events with specific dress codes such as weddings, special occasions or business meetings or events and each event requires different fashion etiquette.

Thus, you need to first find out the type of event you will be attending. There are certain sets of fashion rules that you need to follow when attending a formal event. Stylishly stand out of the crowd with these simple yet important fashion etiquette for formal parties.

Some Groundwork

There are a few things you need to consider before you decide your attire for a formal party particularly the contents of the invitation. Since different formal parties require different types of suits, color of the tie, color and length of the dresses and so on.

Thus, you require to carefully understand the invitation to find out the right dress code for that particular party and dress up accordingly. You can always contact the host of the party to clarify your doubts regarding the dress code.

Attire For A White Tie Event And A Black Tie Event

There can be various types of formal parties and events that are classified as per the tie color and dressing up as per the event is stated as fashion etiquettes. A white tie event is the most elegant and chic of any formal party and requires an extremely formal dress code.

For men a black tailcoat suite paired with a white vest, a white wing-collar shirt and a white bow tie and gloves are ideal. Wear perfectly polished patented leather black shoes with black socks to complete the attire. A beautiful floor length gown with complementing shoes and jewelry is perfect for women when attending a white tie event.

A black tie event is a more relaxed yet formal event. Men can wear a tuxedo with a matching vest and a black bow-tie and black shoes and socks for a flawless look. Men can also opt for a matching cummerbund in place of a vest or make a style statement with slight color variations of the vest. Women look the most flattering in a chic cocktail dress, a long evening gown or a fitted suit when attending a black tie event.

Attire For A Semiformal And Black Tie Optional Events

A semiformal event calls for a more relaxed fashion etiquettes. Men can go for a dark and good fitted business suite with a crisp white shirt and black shoes. Women can opt for an elegant skirt with a top or a classy cocktail dress.

In a black tie optional event you are not restricted to a particular dress code and have various other formal wear options. Women can wear short cocktail dresses, evening dresses or even stylish separates while men can go in for a tuxedo or a dark business suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a dark tie.

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