7 Fashion Tips To Wear Jean Skirts For Women

Not many trends stay for long; but the trend of jean skirts still continues to make its space in every girl’s closet. There is absolutely no reason why you should not stack up your wardrobe with a plethora of jean skirts. After all, no matter which age group you belong to, denim skirts will never sartorially disappoint you.

Wear Jean Skirts For Women

From its versatility quotient to  its easy-to-wear trait, and from its durability to comfortable fabric inclusion, a jean skirt makes a stylish addition to your closet. Adored equally by street fashion lovers and revisited frequently by fashion’s finest such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and  Selena Gomez, jean skirts, no wonder, are so ubiquitous these days.

While these skirts are perfect for casual outings, they also make a wonderful clothing choice for formal appearances as well.  In fact, if you are one of the fashionistas who love recycling old wardrobe items and all, you can give a new life to your aging pair of jeans and easily transform it into a cute jean skirt.

Dressing yourself up in a trendy denim skirt is as simple as pulling off jeans. Wearing jean skirts is all about accessorizing it nicely. From sophisticated finish to rough and tough silhouette, you can give your personal spin on jean skirts to look enviably exquisite. Here are some fashion tips to help you out.

Tips To Wear Jean Skirts For Women

Know Your Figure Type

Before you take the plunge in this cutesy trend, make sure that you are fully acquainted with your figure type. When selecting the length of your jean skirt, consider your frame and height. While women with slim silhouette can opt for a denim minis with a nice tank top and funky sneakers, the feminine combo of a pencil length jean skirt and a soft, clean torso would work wonders for ladies with a fuller figure and curves.

Know your Figure Type

Length Matters

Jean skirts demand following certain fashion guidelines. Case in point: unless you are a teenager with really nice long legs, don’t involve yourself into wearing short jean skirts. Such girls can accessorize their skirt with a simple tee or tank top and flip flops to look high school ready.Older women should not attempt wearing jean skirts that fall above their knee , else they might risk looking trashy. Mature ladies should go for an ankle length skirt, which they can seamlessly pair up with a trendy cardigan, a statement gold neck piece and ballets to look ultra elegant. Even wedges will look equally sophisticated on a knee length jean skirt.

Length Matters

Casual Vs. Formal Approach

Whatever style you are opting for, it is really incumbent to know where you are headed to. You cannot wear jean skirt the casual way, if you are dressing yourself up for a formal occasion. Remember, wearing  jean skirts in a wrong or inapt fashion could really invite bad office or formal moments. So, be sure about the event and the occasion.

If you are wearing jean skirts for office or school or a night out with family members, toss over a darker hued skirt as it will slim and tone down your figure. For a laid back approach, pair up your jean skirt with low heeled pumps, a simple silk top and a nicely fitted blazer. Similarly, jean skirts in lighter wash versions will work wonders when worn for a day outing with your friends and peers. Add a printed scarf and a comfy jacket to finish your look.

Casual Vs. Formal Approach

Be Simple & Fresh

The basic fashion rule states not to go overboard when trying on anything denim. So, the same rule applies to jean skirts. Add simple yet sophisticated details to your jean skirts. Either dress up or down with classic pieces, but make sure not to be overly fussy. Simplicity  and freshness must rule the board, else you will end up looking like a circus clown.

Be Simple & Fresh

Look For Alternatives

Accoutrements and detailing will not do you favor, if you haven’t found any flattering style of denim skirt for yourself yet. Jean skirts come in a plethora of chic styles.While you can try a pencil jean skirt for formal appearances, you can go for short A-line chambray denim skirt to wow others in a casual day out. In fact, many designer brands have come up with their own modern twist like floral or paisley pattern and animal prints.

Look for Alternatives

Consider Your Style Options

Whether you want to exude the sophisticated feminine lady vibe or you want to try on a hot weather girl silhouette, the choice is all yours. Pair up your classic denim skirt with a white tee and a chic pair of peep toe sandals to look summer friendly.

Likewise, add a pair of chunky gladiator shoes and black tank top to your favorite jean skirt for that flirtatious diva glow. And for all the middle aged ladies out there, opt for a snappy tee, red ballet flats and a light hued hat to create an impression of younger and fresher silhouette.

Consider your Style Options

For Special Occasion

So, you have a date night coming up, and you want to wear your favorite jean skirt. Nevertheless you are totally clueless what will work well with your skirt. Don’t fret. There is an array of options to style your jean skirt with. For a classic approach with a twist, try pairing up your skirt with stripes. Simply, toss over a striped tee for that classic spin and a pair of nude sandals for giving a feel of longer legs, and you are ready to take your partner’s breath away.

Be it a local coffee shop or the hot runways, jean skirts have been almost everywhere lately. Of course, the trend has transcended from the plain boring jean skirt trend of the 90s, and has become more refined and polished. But, it still does conjure up the  sweet old memories of the 90s. Doesn’t it?After witnessing a slew of hottest celebrities flaunting their love for denim skirts, there is no denying the fact that this trend will be here to see all changes in the leaves. From summer to winter and from casual to formal, you can effortlessly sport this trend with an array of stylish options out there.

For Special Occasion