Fashion Tips

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? Do you have clothes in your closet but you seem to always wear the same thing over and over? Well, with the New Year coming soon, this is the perfect time to change this state of affairs.

There are some things that you can do that and dramatically change how you feel about your clothes and can look fashionable.

Clean out your closet and rearrange your clothes. This may sound like a huge task but you will find some wonderful old clothes in there that you will still able to wear comfortably. Going through your storage areas and the farthest corners of drawers may help you to rediscover some classic pieces that you may have forgotten about.

As you clean out your closet, throw aside the pieces you do not want or do not wear. When you separate everything, put the clothes that you are keeping back in the closet and drawers. Now go through the clothes that you want to get rid of, and evaluate why you want to.

If you simply are not going to wear a piece again, get rid of it. If you can no longer fit into some clothing because you gained weight or you no longer feel comfortable in it, get rid of it. But if there is nothing wrong with the clothing, keep it. It will come in handy later.

Do the same with your shoes. Get rid of the out of style, worn out, never to be worn again shoes. You are getting rid of all these things to make room for new things.

Now look at the discard pile and evaluate if it is worth something to someone else. If you have old clothes or sneakers that can still be worn, you can get money for them at resale and consignment shops. You may even find a couple of new pieces while you’re there.

Now that you have gotten rid of some things, take some time to purchase new items. At this time, it is important to buy quality pieces. Quality will allow you to have these pieces for a long time. Look at stitching and fabric. Learn which synthetics begin to look worn sooner so that you can stay away from these fabrics.  Purchase items that can go with pieces already in your closet. You want to be sure it is an addition to your wardrobe and not just something else to hang in your closet.

Now have fun, go through your closet and try on different outfits. Maybe you could put on some music and have your own fashion show. Knowing what works with what will help you to save time when getting ready. This is a good time to examine pieces and see how they look on you and what jewelry and shoes match.