Fashionable Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

A perfect hair-do, at the wedding adds more detail to your attire and lets you flaunt with an adorable presence on your big day. Most of the magazines and hair styling blogs focus largely on long haired brides. Rather, it is a rarely known fact that you could look equally attractive by donning a short hair-do, to complement your wedding gown.

This session showcases some of the most styled and top notch wedding hairstyles for short hair. Whether it’s your wedding or you are a bridesmaid or just a guest of honor at the occasion. Our hair styling tips cover a vast range of hair-dos from the classical era to the most upcoming status quo hairstyles.

Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

A short haired bride or bridesmaid could steal the show by adorning her hair with an ever charming and favorite vintage style. This looks elegant side wise adding a new glam to your wedding dress. To do so, you must first grab the Mohawk portion of your hair and split it in two equal sub sections front and back. Next, curl these strands backwards using a curling iron and pin the ends with clip.

vintage hairstyle

Repeat this with the rear Mohawk sub section and move along the entire thickness of your hair by grabbing separate sections at a time. Once you have finished curling and clipping the entire thickness remove all the clips gently and brush your hair backwards. This short hair-do adds up little volume to your thin and tiny hair and establishes a top-stream hair-do for the big day.

Waves To Provide Definition And Pattern To Shot Hair

A wedding hairstyle for Short Hair is incomplete without a dash of waves or curls to imitate length. Waved pattern makes your face appear fuller and also supports the veil comfortably.

waves hairstyle

You could creatively clip one side of your hair with a pin above the ears and let a curl bang on the sides. Alternatively, tuck pins from all over to give a hair band like support to your waves. Furthermore, let the waves tangle open from both the sides on your face at the wedding or do a deep side partition to depict a classical and elegant look.

Trendsetting Pixie Hairstyle For Short Hair

pixie haircut

A pixie style haircut is a growing trend most commonly practiced by celebrities and fashion divas these days. You could give spikes to it with a gentle lift or just tie the back of your hair and leave the front puffy to resemble a bun like appearance. You can also put curls all along your forehead starting from one corner of the face and ending at the other.

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A Plain Yet Captivating Short Hair-Do

If you are looking for a simpler and hassle free option just let your hair open with middle partition and give a little tuck behind the ears from both the side.

short hairdos

Do not forget to apply gloss to your hair for a shiny texture. This hairstyle though is very quick and simple but it accentuates your overall appeal with its uniqueness.

Never To Forget Accessories

You can always adorn your shot hair with beautiful embellishments available in the market. Use of floral bands or tiara adds definition to your hair style and completes your bridal get up.

accessories for short hair

Also, there are many handmade or vintage style hair pins in the market that make your hair appear great and support the veil perfectly.