Favorite Costumes Of Ballerinas

Different Types Of Ballerina Costumes

Different Types Of Ballerina Costumes Ballet has long been one of the most graceful dance forms in the world. It requires immense skill and incredible balance to perform. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of ballet is the costumes.

Ballerinas usually wear a bodice with an incredible looking tutu. Tutus give the dance form a flow, volume and accentuate every little movement. Apart from this, tutus have been a great motivating factor to get little girls started off in ballet.

A tutu is considered one of the greatest costume inventions of all time. It gives the ballerina poise and emphasizes her grace. There are many types of tutus and there are many parts that make up the tutu. The following points will talk about facts related to tutus.

The Anatomy

The tutu is basically made of the bodice, Basque and skirt.


The bodice of a tutu can use from 5 to 15 panels of cloth. These panels are cut diagonally to give it some stretch. They are usually put high on the hip or on the waistline.


This is a tight fitting fabric band that is either part of the bodice or is a separate attachment. This sits either on the waistline or high on the hip.


The skirt is the centerpiece, the one that gets all the attention. The tutu skirt used to be very expensive and could cost about $2000. It used about 100 yards of fabric and took 60-90 hours to make. The tutus can now however be made in much less time and they use less fabric as well. Based on the length and stiffness of the tutus, they can be classified into many types.

Types Of Ballerina Tutus

The basic types of tutu skirts are romantic, classical (which is further divided into platter and powder-puff) and bell.

Romantic Tutus

This was one of the earliest types of tutu skirts. 3-5 panels of soft tulle made up this tutu. The skirt ended a few inches above the ankle so that people could see the amazing legwork of the ballerina.

Photo Credit: Auroradancewear.co.uk

There are two types of romantic tutus – one begins at the waist and the other is a dropped waist and begins at the high hip and has a separate Basque.

Classical Tutus

As years went by the romantic tutu gave way to the classic tutu that allowed people to see more leg movements.

Photo Credit: Dance-for-kids.com

The classical tutu is of two basic types – one is the platter or pancake tutu that is short, stiff and attached to the panty; the other is a more mellow powder-puff and ends a few inches above the knees.

Bell Tutus

The bell tutus are a combination of the romantic and classical tutus. They are made of a combination of soft tulle and net and have more layers than the romantic tutu but less layers that the classic tutu.

Photo Credit: Tutudoctor.com

They have a bell shape and the skirt is attached to the tutu without a hoop.

There are many things about tutus that make them the sensational costumes they are. Irrespective of the type, all tutus make the ballerina look flawless.