2 Ways Of Female Facial Hair Removal – Remove Embarrassing Face Hair

Ways Of Female Facial Hair Removal

Hair on a woman’s face has been of great concern, since a long time ago.Many people try to shave it off, use pumice stone to rub them away, or try to wipe out the dark patches, without much success.

The hair re-grows. Instead of trying drastic measures on your sensitive facial skin, you can adopt some gentler methods to get rid of facial hair.


Hair on upper lip as well chin can be threaded, to remove the thinnest and the finest hair, whereas when you wax, you will have to wax again when they grow back..If the growth of hair on the chin is not thick, you can pluck them instead of threading, but plucking means your hair will grow back.

To thread the eyebrows, you should seek the help of a beautician because if you are not expert in threading, you might spoil the shape of the brows.If there is plenty of hair on the forehead, while doing the eyebrows, you can get it threaded.If you tend to get pimples in the area, don’t thread the forehead.



The whole of your face cannot be waxed and you can only wax your side locks. Side locks don’t re-grow fast and as you continue to wax it, there will be reduced growth.

You should be careful not to wax away fine hair while you are doing up your side locks. Only the thick portion of side locks should be waxed, ensuring the finer hair does not become thick over time, lest you may have to wax the cheeks also.

As you can see, problem areas are upper lip, eyebrows and side locks. If there is hair on the cheeks, instead of waxing a huge area, you should bleach the face. Side locks should not be bleached because the hair there are usually thick, especially blonde hair which can become too obvious.

After waxing the side locks area, you can bleach the entire face to look fresh and clean.

Hair on woman’s face continues to be a problem over generations. The above said methods apart; you should try laser therapy if the hair is embarrassingly obvious on the face, though this is an expensive method of treatment.