Feng Shui Tips To Activate Your Love Life!

feng-shui-love-tipsPractitioners of Feng Shui, connected with ancient Chinese practice believe that a definite and appropriate positioning of your common household items helps to bring in positive natural forces for a variety of benefits.

Feng Shui practices suggest incorporating certain items in the “relationship corner” to activate your love life. This corner is located at the outermost right hand end at the back of your home. Here are the items that activate your love life:

1) Choose red or pink: These colors symbolize love. You need not go crazy about these colors, but an aesthetic incorporation is vital.

2) Candles: They bring in warmth and light. Candles have been associated with romance since ages. But, remember to have a pair, one for the each of you, red, or pink only.

3) Round mirrors: Mirrors reflect energy and are welcome in any shape, but round ones are better.

4) Anything that suggests love to you: You may associate love with flowers or a romantic snap of the two of you, perhaps chocolates, or a Barbie Doll in her full bridal attire—anything that symbolizes love to you can come here. On the other hand, there are items that act as deterrents for your love life.

Here’s a list of items that you should not have in the relationship corner.

1) Passive Items: Remove all the negatives from this corner. And that includes yours or your ex’s old photographs, gloomy paintings be those on weather or landscapes.

2) All items that create distances: Cactus is the worst for this spot, keep it somewhere else, and so is a collection of porcupines in any shape or material.

3) Anything that produces cooling: You don’t want the relationship to turn cool, do you? So, out goes the refrigerator and the snaps or posters of that cute and cold polar bear. Shift these to some place else.

4) No singles please: When making efforts to avoid your single status how can you have any single photographs of yours or of anybody for that matter. Even that one slice toaster needs to be kept away from here.

5) Games: Unless you want to be a game in the relationship, move those out from here.

6) Any other distractions: Nothing should come between you and your only one. If that TV screen or even your decoupage supplies are coming in the view, it has to go to some other spot.