Fight Signs of Aging

Fight Signs of Aging

Fight Signs of AgingThere are many things that include a skin care regimen. You have to take care of your wrinkles, black heads, dark spots, acne and pimple problem and so much more.

There are so many things that can be done to avoid premature skin aging and now, you will know about them all.

Firstly, you have do to a skin type check for yourself and get to know if you have dry, oily or normal skin. Once you know it, take care of it accordingly.

If you have oily skin then pimples and black heads are very common for you. In order to get rid of pimples, you can get a treatment from dermatologist. If you want to go for natural ways, then you must go for some home remedies. Applying mixture of curd, turmeric and lemon can help you in so many ways that your skin would be pimple free plus radiant.

Also, you can take steam on face and then apply papaya directly on the face. This helps to moisturize, exfoliate and tone down the skin. If you are 25+ then you can also go for facials. Face cleansing and night skin care regimen is essential so get a night cream and the serums for special thing like dark circles, etc.

As for black heads for all skin types, you must regularly get rid of them by visiting a good parlor. In case, you have soft black heads or white heads then you can rub them off daily by the help of towel after taking shower. Also, scrubbing and taking steam helps to keep black heads at bay.

In the morning, if you have oil on face then wipe it off cotton dipped in rose water. For dry skin, in summers, apply aloe vera based lotion so as to keep the body cool and give it nutrition at the same time. To make skin radiant, you can try out some of the home remedies. Apply mixture of milk and gram flour on the face. Wash if off once it gets dried and apply moisturizer on the face.

Always apply loads of sun screen whenever you step out of the house. Whenever you wash your face or hands, remember to use a good and creamy soap and apply cream after that. This keeps the skin soft.