Fillers to Fill Wrinkles

hyaluronic-acidsHyaluronic acids and collagen can fill creases, wrinkles and scars on the face and neck, is now a fact known by many people. Hyaluronic acids and collagen is effective for both men and women and it is also used to enhance the fullness of the lips. Due to the rapid growth of the fillers in the market and their growing demand, new competition and new technologies are flooding up which offer a wide range of choice to the consumers. The fillers are very successful and do full justice to their names.

Hyaluronic acid treatments start to wear off after some what six to twelve months, while the collagen treatment generally starts to wear off in about three to six months. People, who have just started to have the filler treatment, prefer those products which will wear off in less than a year. This is because they can be confident that the product will wear off when they want to return to their original appearance.

Usually people who have used the filler treatment are happy with the effects, and so desire the product that will generate a long lasting improvement in their appearance. After years of testing and research, Evolence®, Radiesse®, and Artecoll® have been introduced in the market, so that people may get long lasting improvement in their appearance.

Evolence® is a form of collagen, which is long lasting. There is no need for testing before its treatments as it is tolerated by all. Evolence® is very easy to use and can be used on any part of the body, including the lips. The benefit of this treatment generally lasts at least for a year.

Radiesse® is basically used for the deep creases on the face and frown lines on the forehead. The treatment of Radiesse® lasts for usually twelve months to eighteen months.

Artecoll® can generate corrections and enhancement of lines, creases and lips. The treatment of this filler lasts for many years.

It is usually helpful to combine fillers with BOTOX® treatments, for particular cases where unwanted facial expressions on the face like chronic frowning, have developed permanent lines on the forehead. The use of BOTOX®, in such cases, relaxes the frowning muscles and the fillers are used to correct the ceases and generate a rapid improvement on the face.

The expanded variety of fillers help to correct the skin problems and improve the way, the world regards the individual.