First Date Ideas for Women

First date could be tricky and if a girl really likes a guy, she has to no matter how pretty or intelligent she is be well prepared. One thing that people often do it but don’t say is that they plan topics to speak.

Now you do not wish to be boring for a guy so do that and make sure you choose topics that could help you run a smooth and interesting conversation. It should strictly not include shoe brand, cosmetics, hair dos or some dumb TV soap that you love to watch!

Another thing that should be taken care of other than being an interesting talker is to have a strong body language. Do not try to sit in a lousy manner or bend. Guy whom who would be meeting may not be patient or have ideas that he has been stood up in case you get late.

To avoid such a situation, be on time or in case you have emergency and would be late, call him and tell. Looking good is important girls. You can’t just look weird and go for a date. Do your hairs nicely, wear a nice fragrance and nice dress.

Now you do not have to go and buy an expensive dress for it but at least wear neat and nice looking clothes. Footwear is something that could make or break your impression on him so wear good footwear.

Do not be fake. Do not try to have a fake accent or show tantrums or attitude that you do not normally have. Be normal and nice and show him that you are polite, positive and easy going. The last thing that you should do is to show him that you are something that he can never get or you are an extremely tough catch.

To have an attitude is all right but to turn arrogant could be a mistake. Do not complain about restaurant or ambiance or food, etc. this is a major turn off plus it could make an impression that you are nagging and intolerable. So these are tips for women on a first date.