First Date-Romantic Ideas and Tips

first-dateideasIt takes more than nice clothes and fancy dinners to make your date feel special. If you are preparing for a date and you want to leave a lasting impression, you can get some ideas. and tips for a memorable date here.

A romantic dinner
Dinner will always be a number one dating activity. But you have to make this activity more romantic if you want to leave a lasting impression. You must check the menu to make sure that the food is really delicious. When the meal is delicious it leaves a lasting impression on your date. If it is your first date, you have to make other firsts possible, like tasting a particular wine for the first time, eating a particular dish for the first time, etc. You can give a surprise, like making a public announcement thanking her for the wonderful company.

The movie
Another dating thing you can do is going to the movies. Most girls enjoy romantic comedies. They find them funny and at the same time mushy. Make sure you don’t keep grunting and yawning while watching. Even if you don’t like it, you have to make her feel that you don’t think these films are boring. To help your chances, you will have to quote some of the lines later in your conversations.

Something for the first time
You can do something she has never done before. You just have to make sure that she can do that activity. Let your imagination go wild. You can teach her how to ice skate. Hold her hand to help her maintain her balance. You can also teach her to play mini-golf billiards. Teach her the rules and the tricks involved in these games. You must be sensitive enough to know when she is tired. Do something funny to make her laugh.

Theme park or carnival
You can go to a theme park or a carnival. These are things you don’t do all the time. This will give you the chance to make her feel as if you were kids once more and have some really clean fun. Be a gentleman to make her get on some of the rides.

You have to talk with your date. Talking will make your dating more fruitful because it will make you know each other better. This does not mean you should just go on babbling. Conversation is what is needed if you want her to enjoy your company. Listen more and talk less.