First Signs Of Pregnancy

First Signs Of Pregnancy

First Signs Of Pregnancy If you have been planning your pregnancy for a prolonged period, coming across the early symptoms of being pregnant can fill you with a sense of joy. Pregnancy brings about a number of changes in the body of a woman and if you look closer, you just might notice a culmination of signs and symptoms that indicate you are an expectant mother.

While a pregnancy test can help you determine whether you are actually expecting, many a times it is seen that these tests remain inconclusive. In such cases, keeping an eye on the first signs of pregnancy can easily help you prepare for the upcoming nine months when your body would undergo a number of hormonal changes. Early knowledge of pregnancy is imperative as it allows the expectant mother to take the necessary steps which would be beneficial for both her and the baby’s health.

While in some women the first symptoms of pregnancy are pretty obvious, many others do not display these signs until quite some time. So, if you think you might be pregnant and wish to know about the first steps of pregnancy, read on to get a clear idea about some of the initial symptoms.

Tips to Identify First Signs of Pregnancy

Check You Menstrual Dates

Discontinuation of menstruation is one of the preliminary signs of pregnancy. Although a variety of other factors can delay your periods, a missed menstrual cycle is also indicative of your pregnancy. However, a missed period cannot be considered to be a tell-tale sign of pregnancy as many expectant mothers also experience slight monthly spotting.

Notice Any Changes in Appetite

Are you experiencing an insatiable craving for food lately? Marked changes in the appetite is clear indicator of pregnancy as even during the very initial stages the hunger pangs of the expectant mother is known to increase. Moreover, some women also experience a sudden change in food habits which means that all of a sudden you develop this appetite for foods that you loathed earlier on.

Look for Signs of Nausea or a Vomiting Tendency

Vomiting and nausea are some of the obvious symptoms of pregnancy. Although these signs can also stem from other causes, if you experience these symptoms without any evident triggering factor, pregnancy might be the reason.

First Signs Of Pregnancy

If you experience vomiting tendency or feel nauseous almost every other day, it can very well be a tell-tale sign of pregnancy.

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Check Your Energy Levels

Pregnant mothers often complain of low energy levels even during the preliminary stages of pregnancy. If you feel increasingly tired and fatigued lately without any apparent reason along with the rest of the symptoms, it is very much possible that you are expecting a baby.

Look for Fullness of the Breasts

As the body gears up for the impending pregnancy, a series of hormonal changes take place in it. Some of the early signs of pregnancy also include signs such as soreness, fullness or tenderness of the breasts. While the nipples might become overtly sensitive, the areolas can also turn dark. Increasing softness of the breasts is one of the earliest clues of pregnancy.

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