First Twelve Weeks Of Early Pregnancy Week By Week

First Twelve Weeks Of Early Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful gifts that is provided by the Almighty to any woman. Being a mother is possibly one of the best things that can happen to any woman. It becomes more special as it is one power which is only bestowed on a woman. Experiencing motherhood is possibly one of the best experiences of any woman’s life and can never be fulfilled by anything else.


Right from the development of the baby inside a woman’s body up to the birth of the baby is a journey full of happiness and wonderful experiences. The first trimester can be a little difficult as pregnancy is all new to the mother to be and a number of changes are taking place inside her body. She needs to be extra careful and cautious for the first three months of her pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Week By Week

One week

In the first week you are actually not pregnant. Your baby is still two weeks away from its conception date. Still your body comes to know that it has to prepare for the baby. It is in the first week of your pregnancy that that egg implants itself to wall of your uterus. The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hormone is blocking the process of ovulation. Other hormones which help in the formation of the placenta and the protection of the baby are produced.

First week you are actually not pregnant

Two weeks

It is not necessary that you know by now that you are pregnant. Even if you don’t know that you might be expecting your body is preparing the coming of the new baby. If you conceive your doctor will ask you for the last date of your period. This will help him to calculate your due date.

Conceive Your Doctor

Three weeks

It is in the third week that the very first signs of being pregnant are visible. Many women tend to fell tired and nauseous. Different women have different experiences. While some may have a little problem, some are absolutely fine. All of the sick feeling is the side effects of the hormones that being produced during the pregnancy. The woman should do as she is advised by her doctor. The baby growing in your body looks like a cluster of cells which are growing rapidly. These travel from the fallopian tube to the main area, that is, the uterus. A woman should avoid having caffeine and alcohol as they go through the placenta and affect the baby.

Fell tired and nauseous

Four weeks

Many women feel morning sickness and get the feeling of being pregnant in the fourth week of their pregnancy. There are some women who still don’t feel being pregnant, they are absolutely fine. Remember to have a balanced diet which is rich in nutrients. Have a good intake of minerals and proteins. Your diet will help your baby grow. Remember to have a healthy diet. In this week the baby begins to grow slowly.

Feel Morning Sickness

Five weeks

If you are still not sure about your pregnancy, it is time to ask your doctor for a test to confirm it. It is one of those times when the baby is changing the maximum.

The placenta will supply to your baby the required nutrients and oxygen to breathe. It is time that you start taking good care of yourself and don’t exert. Remember to be careful. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. These make your chances of having a miscarriage.

Avoid Smoking and alcohol

Six weeks

The embryo grows at a rapid speed in the sixth week. By the end of this week it has a visible head which is bigger than the rest of its body. In this week the embryo grows an umbilical cord which will be its lifeline as it will provide the embryo nutrients and oxygen. This week you can have a number of tests. Visit your doctor and have a chat with her. Ask her about your doubts and your medication. Listen to your doctor properly.

Visit your doctor


Seven weeks

By the end of the seventh week your embryo will start resembling a small human being. It is still growing at a rapid speed. The body parts of the embryo are still growing.

The embryo will have a heart, lungs, kidneys etc by the seventh week. You will develop a liking towards certain foods while, a disliking towards some. You will tend to have cravings for some foods. Make sure you intake the right nutrition with your cravings also.

Intake the right nutrition

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Eight weeks

The embryo starts looking like a miniature baby. He starts getting the profile of a baby to be. His nose, fingers, toes etc. all start taking a shape and begin to grow. You start feeling more of nausea with every passing day. Morning sickness can also be a complaint. Being pregnant may add a certain glow to your face. It is all internal and can make you look very fresh and pretty.

Feeling more of nausea

Nine weeks

Your baby is all busy growing. If you take a close look at his organs during the ultrasound you will be able to say whether it is a she or a he.

You will feel stressed and tired. Take proper care and rest of yourself. You can take warm baths to soothe yourself and make yourself feel better.

Feel stressed and tired

Ten weeks

Your baby’s all the major organs will be in the right place. The brain and the nervous system of your baby are maturing. The muscles of the baby also start moving but are not well coordinated. You will not feel the baby’s movements now. You will still have the morning sickness and the nausea. Your baby bump will begin to show a little. Take the advice of your doctor and start a few exercises which will help you.

Start a few exercises

Eleven weeks

The head of the baby is growing fast and makes up for the half of the size of his body. Soon the baby’s body will catch up and grow. You are almost done with your first trimester. You still may feel at times nausea.

Feel at times nausea

Twelve weeks

The baby’s brain is fully formed. Her organs start working independently. Most of her body systems are in place. You will start feeling better as you enter your second trimester. Now you can start preparing a little for the arrival of the new one.

There are a lot of chances of a miscarriage during the first trimester. It is normal but one shall take proper care of herself. Follow the advice and the medication of your doctor. Avoid eating all the things which are harmful for your baby. A woman shall take maximum rest and avoid exerting too much. Many couples wait till the twelfth week to announce the pregnancy as the chances of miscarriage are the maximum for the first few weeks. Take proper care of yourself. Wear loose clothes instead of tight ones as they will make you feel more comfortable.

Advice and the medication of your doctor