Five Affordable Branded Makeup Kits

Makeup is something very important for a woman and they always want more of it or something better than the last. But branded makeup kits can be quite expensive and cannot be purchased by all women.

For those women who cannot afford an expensive kit, the branded kits mentioned here provide almost the same contents at a much lower price. Let us take a look at some of the reasonable makeup kits.

Affordable Branded Makeup Kits

The Guerlain Beauty Coffret Palette

Guerlain is one of the top brands for makeup but is not in the rankings of MAC and other bigger brands. This does not mean that the quality of their products is not good.

Guerlain Beauty Coffret Palette

In fact, their cosmetics are almost the same as the biggest names in the market. The only significant difference is the price. The Guerlain kit consists of a curving and lathering mascara, eye shadow (Fard A Paupieres), lipstick (Rouge A Levres), face powder (Poudre Pour Le Visage) and blush (Fard A Joues).

The BR 60 Kit (Number JC-187)

Produced by the brand BR, this makeup kit is perfect for all ages and has been on a continuous rise in the current market. It is one of the best makeup kits in the market that give you both a good price and quality goods.

BR 60 Kit (Number JC-187)

It has a wide selection of makeup varying from eye shadows to a lip pencil. This kit contains 7 lip glosses, 38 eye shadows, 4 powder cakes, 2 mascaras, 1 lip pencil, 4 blushers, 2 eye liners and 1 eye pencil.

The glominerals gloLip Maven Kit

One of the finest brands in makeup, glominerals is an all natural cosmetic brand and has taken the world by storm. This is a must have kit for any woman who loves to highlight her lips.

glominerals gloLip Maven Kit

The kit contains three shades of gloLip lip glosses, a gloLip primer, a gloHigh glaze for extra shine and two shades of gloPrecision pencils to help highlight the perfect lips. These contents are essential for any woman who is in love with her lips.

The Clinique All-in-one Kit

Clinique is a well known brand for reasonable makeup and it lives up to its name. This perfect kit has everything a woman wants out of makeup and is obviously a must have for them.

Clinique All-in-one Kit

This marvelous kit contains a black, high impact mascara, long lasting lipstick in five beautiful shades, Color Surge Quad eye shadow, face powder and accessories like, a powder puff, a lip brush, an applicator for eye shadow and a brush for blush.

The Lancome Travel Kit

This brand has provided women with remarkable makeup for years and now, it has put together a perfect travel makeup kit that is essential in any suitcase. The contents of this kit are a firming and anti-wrinkle eye cream, an extra effective cream for wrinkles, black high def mascara, eye shadow in different shades and a trendy lipstick. These items are perfect for any woman on the go and can be carried easily in any suitcase or bag.

Lancome Travel Kit

These above mentioned branded makeup kits are just a few of the best and most reasonable kits that are available in the current market. These kits are what every woman wants in a makeup kit and the top brands producing those means that there is no decrease in quality. All the products are made from the best ingredients and are not harmful for the skin. For any woman looking for good branded kits, these are the best to fall back on.