Five Basic Lip Makeup Tips

lip makeupThe lips form an important facial part. Without decorating them with any type of makeup makes the look incomplete. Lip makeup plays an important role in all makeup procedures.

Lip makeup can make you look younger or beautiful or make your lips appear fuller or thinner. With lip-makeup you can achieve your desired look. There are certain tips that give you a chance to flaunt them & make them desirable and kissable. No doubt, beautiful lip makeup will enhance your appearance.

Makeup Tips For Lips


Choose a lip liner that matches your lipstick color as well as your skin tone. Lip liner helps in defining the shape of lips.


After applying a liner, gently blend the outline part with the help of a brush, but make sure still maintain the outline. It is good to choose a lighter shade of lipstick & one more shade that is lighter than liner & lipstick. Keep in mind, your selected makeup shades should complement your skin tone and each other.

Filling And Priming With Lipstick

After applying a lip liner, fill up your lips with matching colors. It is good to start off applying at the centre & then move towards both sides.

priming with lipstick

Follow same procedure for both lips, you will get the best look. Make sure that do not put too much color. If there is excess of color then no need to worry, you just need to take tissue paper and hold it in your lips.

Gloss Your Lips

Quality gloss will give you a fuller and shiny look. You can use gloss with or without lipstick as per your choice. Glossy lip makeup is very easy to apply and full of fun.

Gloss your lips

The best part of glossy lip makeup is that you can add moisturizing and flavoring ingredients in addition to color. Glossy lips have always been in style and complement with all types of dresses. It gives you a natural beautiful look.

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For lip makeup, lipstick color is one of the most important aspects. Make sure to choose the lipstick color that complements you the best. For this, the draping step cannot be avoided. But the rules say that blondes women should go for lighter colors in pink hues, orange and dark-haired women should go for maroon or red shades. Always pick colors that are close to your lips. Shimmery lip glosses can add more beauty to your lip makeup. Lipsticks can be glossy, matte, frost or creamy.


Toning is an ideal choice to enhance the lip beauty. If you are worried about lipstick colors being too bright then apply neutral shade to the lips. For this, you just need to apply a light layer of foundation to the lips. It will surely help to neutralize the natural lip color and stay for hours.


In addition to this a touch of powder over the top of lipstick can give a flatter look. One can easily apply stylish lip makeup just by following the above mentioned tips. It is true that lip makeup is a crucial part of women make-up. Thus, these are some basic lip makeup tips that will help to enhance your lip beauty.