Five Best Hats For Round Faces

One of the best accessories to done in order to make a fashion statement is hats. Much like scarves, if the hat is correctly worn complementing your face shape then you are going to make heads turn.

If you are unsure about your face shape then let us just tell you that basically anyone would have either of the following face shapes: round, oval, square, pear and heart shape. Here you’ll find suggestions about the hats which are the best for those with round faces.

Best Hats For Round Faces

Fedora Hat

Although having a round face makes you score the brownie points when it comes to looking cute, it unfortunately means you have a face without any angles.

Fedora Hat

We would then suggest that you choose hats which would give angles to your face. The Fedora hat style made famous by Indiana Jones, is a must-have for the round face as the slightly angular and tapered crown makes the face look angular. This hat with its slight curve surface complements the round face.

Cadet Hat

A cadet hat is dome shaped with a stiff brim in the front. It is easily available, and the experts say that this is the perfect hat to be worn over a round face.

Cadet Hat

Companies online have dedicated their entire collection to this particular hat shape owing to its popularity. It provides the angles one would need in order to make a small round face appear a little longish. We would suggest that this hat works the best if you have bangs.

The Newsboy Cap

The Newsboy Cap

In order to create a bit of length for your round face, donning the Newsboy Cap might just work wonders for you. Going by our first tip, this hat worn at an angle provides length to your face and does not make it look rounder. The Newsboy style has been around for a while now. Hats with round brim, no matter how tall, are a strict no-no for those with a round face shape.

The Flat Cap

Made famous in the Scotland, and worn basically to protect one from the sun rays, this hat is a rounded bonnet with a stiff brim at the front. The stiff brim at the front provides the angles necessary for this particular face shape.

flat cap

It is very important that you find hats which flatter your round face shape. Never buy hats which have large round brims as they will make your face appear rounder than you would desire.

The Classy Bonnet

Even in the stories the chubby cheeked heroine would wear a bonnet. As long as the bonnet is not stiff and round, and falls in a flattering way along the face, it is an another must have for those with a round face. Make sure that the flaps of your bonnets are not extra large.

Classy Bonnet

These days, bonnets found with a stiff brim at the front and tied under the chin ending in a bow are very classy. In conclusion, we would simply like to remind you that when you go to buy a hat, remember that angles and asymmetry work the best for you. Buy hats which are preferably Fedora, Newsboy Caps or Ivy Flaps. Happy Hat Hunting!