Five Best Toning Workouts For Women

Every woman wants a perfect lean and toned body. But when it comes to exercise then only a few are ready to work on them and get a toned and lean body. Also almost every woman is familiar with the trouble areas of her body that needs to be worked upon and shun those extra fat out of it.

Some people resort to exercise without knowing even the basics of it which is wrong. The exercise should be done in a right manner as the quality matters a lot than the quantity of exercise. Here you can check out the best and solid moves that will help to shape up your body and feel confident in every dress you wear. These top five exercises will work for your stomach, inner thighs, shoulders and booty. Follow the tips given and make the best ever workout routine:

Best Toning Workouts For Women

Single-Leg Deadlift

This exercise lift and tones the glutes of the body. It also helps to activates entire core of the body and gives relief from the back pain as well.To do this exercise you need to have a pair of dumbbells in both hands. You got to stand straight and lift one leg off floor, and behind. Do remember to keep the back straight and the knee of the other leg a little bent. See that the body stretches full and as the dumbbells touch the floor, go back to previous position lowering the lifted leg along. Now make the knee of supporting leg straight as the torso turn upright. Repeat.

single leg deadlift

The body should bend forward at your hips and then you need to lower your whole body slowly as much as you can. Wait and push back your body in the same position at which you have started. While you come up, take help of your glutes to push hips forward and avoid lifting from back as it may give you back pain. The chest and the core should be involved in the entire exercise.

Side Plank

This is one of the best exercises to tighten and give shape to the waistline. This exercise targets the abdominal muscles which may not be reached by abs exercises as well. The obliques, transversa abdominus are targeted with the help of this exercise.

side plank exercise

Now to do this exercise, lie down on the floor on the left side and keep your knees straight. Support your upper body on your left elbow and forearm. Make a straight line from the ankles till the shoulders by raising your hips. Hold on this position as long as you can but at least 30 seconds. Do the same on the right side.


This is a classic exercise which works for the entire body and burn a good amount of calories and tightens the chest muscles as well. To do this, place your hands on the floor and the gap between the shoulders and the hands should be the same and keep your feet close to each other.


Move your body to a lower angle so that the chest touches the floor and then push it back to the position where you have started. The hips should be lifted while doing this exercise and the core bracing is required as well.

Second Position Plies

This exercise is recommended for woman who have heavy thighs as it focuses on thighs and make them lean. This second position plies moves the inner thighs and tones the butt sides as well. To do it, just stand on your feet and increase the gap between the feet more than the shoulder gap.

second position pleis

Toes should be turned out. Lower your body and bend your knees till the time thighs become parallel to the ground level. The arms should be turned and shoulders have to be moved down and back. Hold and then push your body to the position where you have started.


High intensity intervals should be used to shun more calories in a short time rather than doing long and slow endurance exercises. To do this, you can choose any equipment like elliptical, treadmill,cycling etc. and repeat the exercise in a pattern of 10 times.


A three minute session with fifty percent of your maximum effort , twenty seconds with seventy five percent of your maximum effort and ten seconds with hundred percent of your maximum effort. This pattern will surely burn your calories in a very short time and will give you toned body in a few weeks time.