Five Geek Eyeshadows Ideas For Summer

eyeshadows for summerSummer brings with it sunshine and bright colors – colors that are soon reflected in our clothes, accessories, shoes and make up. Bright lipsticks, blushes, nail paints, and eye shadows become the norm.The gaming geek looks away from the computer screen and wonders why other girls should have all the fun.

Why indeed? You can model your eye look based on favorite comic book and video game characters or the heroine and evil persona in fantasy books and movies. The list is endless.If you are a geek looking to add some character to your eye makeup, try these tips.

Five geek eye shadow ideas

Follow the basic make up routine before you decorate your eyes. Start with a simple liquid foundation and apply evenly on your face with a brush. Anyone who  has dark circles or crow’s feet can use a concealer to hide the spots. Use a compact powder matching your skin tone and do your face. Now you are ready for some eye color.

The Au Natural Look

Girls who prefer simple eye makeup or new to makeup can try the no fuss look. Go in for a naked palette if you don’t want  the makeup to stand out. These colors work for professionals who only want to add a bit of color to their face.

natural look

The naked palette contains neutral shades and gives a matte finish to your eye. You can go  choose a light neutral shade for the eyelid and the eyebrow area.  Apply the darker shade in the crease of your eyes. Blend the shades well.

The Comic Book Look

These are exaggerated eye colors. Use these shade combinations for a theme based party, event or a night out with the girls.
Start off with a neutral shade for the highlighter. Choose some blue green combinations. Use a bright blue color for the inner corner and the center of the lids. Use one or two dark green shades for the crease and outer corner.For the girl next door look, add a combination of pinks and lavender to get the bright and perky look .

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The Video Game Look

Go in for bright yellow or purple to get the video game warrior look. You can combine the darker shades of browns or reds  and blend them with a shimmery silver or gold eye shadow.

video game look

Use orange or light pink opaque shades to get the princess look right.

The Fantasy Look

Want a look that is straight out of a fantasy book or movies? Go in for the dual tone eye shades. They are available in both matte and shimmery finish.
To get the fantasy look with regular eye makeup, mix and match a couple of colors. Use the emerald green – a fashion trend this year – with shimmery gold or silver. Use a copper shade with a hint of gold for the werewolf look and a burgundy red with gold or silver shimmer for the emo vampire look.

The Bad Girl Look

To get the bad girl look, combine a  red shade and black  or add a metallic shade with black as the base color.

bad girl look

For those who want to truly stand out, combine bright orange and red shades. Apply the lighter color near the brow and crease and the dark one on the lids and inner corner.

Try these and as they say – live long and prosper.