Five Glamorous Short Hairstyles

Brand New Hair Styles For Short Hair

Hair is a very important feature for a woman. Without having a good hairstyle she is at a complete loss of how she looks. It is a woman’s hairstyle which adds to her beauty. With the mercury increasing every day, short hairstyles have become very much fashionable these days.

A lot of women are opting for short hairstyles as they look smart and glamorous. Handling of long length hair has become a task for women as the temperature is reaching the sky during the summer month that increases the difficulty in handling long hair. There are different short hairstyles that a woman can try. These look extremely glamorous and classy. The short hairstyles that a woman can opt for are mentioned below.

Five Glamorous Short Hairstyles 

Choppy Pixie

A choppy pixie crop hairstyle looks very smart and elegant. In this a woman’s hair is cut very short. She does not have to bother much about her hair nor fiddle much with it.

Choppy pixie

It gives a very neat and tidy look as your hair does not keep falling over your face. You can definitely try out this hairstyle if you want to sport a short hairstyle as it is smart and fashionable. You can sport this hairstyle for a casual as well as a formal look.

Short Bob

With the bob hairstyle being very much in fashion you can sport a very short bob hairstyle yourself. This looks very smart and chic. You can also try different hair accessories with this cut. You can use a variety of hair clips and hair bands to add a new look to your hair every time.

Short Bob

A short bob hairstyle is very much in fashion and will look very smart too. The best thing about this hairstyle is that by using your creativity you can try different hairstyles with a bob cut.


You can cut your hair short and have a side bang done to it. Bangs are very much in fashion and with the help of a bang cut you can add a bit of feminine touch to your hairstyle.


So, you shall definitely try this hairstyle if you are looking for a hairstyle which can help you add a bit of feminine touch to your short hairstyle.

Color Tour Hair

You can color your short hair to a different and interesting color. You can opt for sober or light colored shades or the bright eye catching colors. Be a little different and try this as not many people will want to do something different and opt for this. This will definitely make heads turn around.

Asymmetric Hairstyle

You can opt for an asymmetric hairstyle and you will definitely like it as it is a very tension free and easy to handle hairstyle.

asymmetric short hairstyles for women

These are a few hairstyles for short hair. These will look extremely glamorous and stylish. A woman must be confident of the hairstyle she is sporting. If she is at unease with her hairstyle she will never be able to look glamorous and the onlookers will also not bother to look at her. So, be confident and sport your hairstyle with a great smile.