5 Natural Cures For Sleeplessness

5 Natural Cures For Sleeplessness

So you spent your last night counting sheep and you lost your count countless number of times? Well, we all experience this someday or the other in our life due to stress changes in body rhythm or plainly due to an overdose of caffeine.

Popping sleeping pills could prove deadly for you. And ignoring the problem could spell problems during waking hours. So, the best way to deal with sleeplessness is to cure it naturally. Use these remedies to your advantage and find yourself dreaming soon instead of counting sheep:

Natural Cures For Sleeplessness

Milk + Honey Combo

A small cup of milk plus a teaspoon of honey is the perfect nighttime remedy for sleeplessness.This delicious mixture will sedate you to the core. It is a proven fact that sleep is enabled due to the presence of a hormone named melatonin within the body.

honey milk ginger

Your body converts the hormone serotonin into melatonin at night in order to enable you a good shut eye. Milk contains proteins, and honey contains sugar.Proteins and sugar are ideal raw materials for the production of serotonin in the body, which will be converted back to the sleep hormone melatonin.This is how this wonderful remedy spells magic.

Take A Shower

Taking a bath before going to bed is a wonderful natural remedy that will help you doze off within minutes. Many a time, our sleeplessness is merely due to the accumulated muscular pain,stress, and heat.Taking a warm shower releases all the discomfort associated with these factors putting your mind at ease.


Grab A Book

Reading a book, no matter how interesting it is, is a sure shot way to make you topple on your pillow after sometime. Books are known to possess a sedative effect like no other.However, make sure you get interested in reading and not just flip pages while your mind wanders somewhere else.

book reading

Get Comfortable

Before going to bed, dress yourself in comfortable clothes. If your pajamas are wet your shirt is giving off a stench, or your buttons are poking at your skin, you certainly won’t get a good sleep. So, make sure you dress in dry, loose, and cozy clothes before you hit the sack.


Make sure the bed is neatly made the pillow covers are clean and there are no signs of bed bugs.Yuck! It’s deadly even to mention those secretive creatures lurking at various places inside your bed to attack you when you are at the sweetest phase in your dream or just about to drift off.Heavens curse those small, blood-sucking, nasty crawlies. So, call in the pest control services to make these extinct from your house if that is what is bothering you during nighttime and disrupting your sleep.

Hit The Sack Only At Night

Many individuals have a habit of carrying out their domestic and office work seated on their bed.While they may find this comfortable during daytime this very habit will snatch the sleep out of their lives.


Our brains think it’s just another work when we lie down in our beds at night. So, make sure you hit the sack only at night for sleeping. You can carry out other activities in their respective places.